To give your dirty, toothless brother(s) a blow-job, Most southerners require their offspring to do this at an unappropriate age. If all your siblings are boys, good luck with those therapist/Dentist bills.
Girl- " damn I done didn't get morticah a gift fer hes berfday"

Friend- " jus gev em a southern kiss", " its wat i gav diddy last yer."
by William Penn December 15, 2006
Top Definition
1)Giving oral satisfaction to a woman below her waist i.e kissing the lips that dont have the teeth.
2)Oral sex on a woman
A kiss is deadly if you mean it, a Southern Kiss is deadlier if she feels it.
by Shinshoryuken January 14, 2006
A blow job.
It's a little more than a kiss.
It's southern because its down south.
"Lainie just gave me the best Southern Kiss ever."
by Chris January 31, 2005
Another word for a black eye.
Jeff in Texas gives his wife a Southern Kiss when she doesn't listen.
by troymcclure December 24, 2012
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