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A brand of clothes that people that are either too cheap to buy good looking clothes or they are just trying to be all wankster. people that wear southpole are haters that say hollister is for preps and shiz....... hollister are quality clothes that are stylish and practicle... people that wear southpole normaly live in the hood and are too busy pulling up their jeans with a cross on the pocket lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! southpole makes the worst clothes on planet so people stop wearin them!!!!!! thankzz
southpole wearer: YO! i just picked me up some new kicks and some southpole jeans brotha!!!

norm person:where did you pick them up at the trash bin outside of j.c pennys????

southpole wearer:nigga please
by hco yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! August 04, 2011
When you uppercut someone in boxing
That guy got Ko when I southpoled him.
by MERZ May 29, 2005
One of the best playas on B.net
Dam there goes SouthPole, that pimp
by SouthPole@USEast February 14, 2005
a slang definition for a males penis
i boned that bitch using my south pole
by the man October 06, 2003
Slang for anal intercourse.
We had wonderful sex, even went to the south pole.
by Jim Inman August 16, 2006
a ugly wanna be ghetto clothing line thats cheaply made. Most mexicans/ middle easterns wares it, cuz they are too poor to buy ecko. south pole are sold at mervyn's, and ross.
NEVER EVER buy south pole
by AH LA LA LA March 31, 2007
awsone clothes that looks gangsta t-shirtz always gunna have southpole written on it,there pants are tight 2 ecept dey shoes dey shoes are pretty fucked up
person1:yo dude look at my tight ass south pole dey look ti
ght dont dey

Person 2:cool dude ecept da shoes they look pretty fuckin gay
by illStatic July 10, 2008