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A clothing line
Aye man check out this Southpole shirt I jus bought
by Smack December 22, 2003
where santas elves go to die
Santa elve #5428 is getting a little old should we send him to the southpole
by Big B December 04, 2004
when your g-string is hanging out above your pants.
That skanky ho bent over and showed everybody her south pole.
by Rick Peters November 17, 2008
A clothing line, mainly worn by gangstas, wiggers, and sluts.
Gangsta: yo lookit dis new southpole shit i got

Wigger: yo mark, my mom bought me a $150 southpole hoodie

Slut: i got southpole jeans, dey got rhinestones on em yo
by Hillbillybiskit July 10, 2008
The term "south poles" refers to a woman whos breasts are sagging so much that the nipple points straight down. South poles refers specifically to the nipple, not the whole boob.
That girls boobs look like grapefruits in a pillow case, I bet she has some south poles.
by Kellytron October 15, 2006
a type of clothing mainly worn by poor people, also known as ganstas, sluts, rap artists.

People who wear it usually buy clothing sizes that are 3 times the size. Theyre apparently stupid because in the end, they end up tying their pants with rubberbands above the ankle to keep them from getting torn at the bottom.
"yo man, southpole is da shit"
"actually, southpole IS shit"
"man, why yoo bee hatin' at ma new gea?"
"because, its just plain stupid."
by mralwyasright August 18, 2008
When you uppercut someone in boxing
That guy got Ko when I southpoled him.
by MERZ May 29, 2005
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