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A hit series that orginally started off as a college project created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker.
South Park revolves around four eight year old children, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartmen, and Kenny McCormick. The boys go through a series of odd adventures in each episode, usually totally exaggerated and with a message in the ending. As of more recent seasons, the episodes have revolved more around politcal affairs than before, but still has an even balance of humor to keep it addictive. The crude style of the show used to be cardboard cutouts of the characters. Watching older episodes reveals a shadow behind every character and object, however in the newer episodes, there is none. South Park is currently done using Maya, a 3-d rendering program, with additional help from other programs as well. Although South Park may seem to have some questionable dialect, it is considered by many as one of the most clever and best cartoons to hit the western civilization.

PersonA: "Did you see the newest SOUTH PARK episode???
PersonB: "Is'nt that the one where Stan's dad drinks too much and think he is sick??"
PersonA: "Yeah!"
PersonB: "It talked about how those drinking rehab centers try to fuck you up! What they said was so true!"

-These are not my opinions, just an example.
by -KC December 21, 2005
The best cartoon series known to man. Also the most watched program on Comedy Central. Not for those whose ears burn when touched by the dirtiest of words.

It is aired Monday-Thursday at 9:30 PM, with an extra episode at 10 on Wednesdays.
Person 2- You're thirty years old and still watch that crap. Ever heard of "moving on with life"?
Person 2-Screw that, I'll be watching South Park.
Person 1-*throws cardboard kunai at Person 2 and misses*
Person 2- -_-
by AhmGoudAdSpellenk May 30, 2007
The best TV show ever made.
Anyone who doesn't like South Park either
1. Hasn't watched it
2. Is a complete and utter retard fag
Cartmen:*To Stan* Maybe we can't find heaven because someone is a J-O-O

South Park > Simpsons
by RespectMaAuthoritah August 03, 2006
A show that's way better than Family Guy.
Cartman owns your mom :)
South Park is hella fucking sweet. :D
by your mom is a dildo July 11, 2008
Still a great show, that sometimes makes fun of current events and sometimes just makes fun of society. Other times, it's completely random.

Some people find some episodes good, and others not so good, depending on how easily offended they are and what the episode is about. (for example, almost everyone can relate to the "Chinpokomon" episode, where obviously others may be offended by and therefore dislike the episode "Ginger Kids" (I loved that episode)).Finding an episode funny can also depend on whether you like more complex humour or crude humour (mostly provided by Cartman) because each episode features both in varying amounts.

Ignore the sudden increase in ignorant, negative definitions of Southpark. These are provided by delusional hippies that believe TV programs and computer games are responsible for a degrading society. In fact society can make up its own mind about what is right and wrong; entertainment does not do that for us.
Delusional hippy: "Thanks to South Park and GTA the general youth of today are using vulgar language in every sentence, using drugs, and disrespecting their parents."

Me: Have you even watched an episode of South Park? I doubt it. Stop whining and go hug a tree.

Oh wait a minute, I need a spliff and have to go use vulgar language towards my parents because I watch South Park.
by thenewguest July 17, 2006
My tv Bible...this show rules along w/ Simpsons and Malcom In the Middle
by Ur Mutha Fool March 28, 2003
A show that shows the true meaning of life, and makes fun of society.
Butters - "Aha! the Simpsons already did that!"
Cartman - "So, dude the Simpsons have done everything."

- South Park
by Doctorhizo February 17, 2007