the best show that is worth watching. it makes fun of the news and makes CNN look like shit. it is cool and kick ass.
man 1- u wanna watch south park
loser-they suck and they are gay
man 2- lets kick his ass
man 1-ok
man 1 and 2- (are kicking loser's ass)
by pikurnose May 10, 2005
Extremelly funny cartoon that has extreme amounts of profanity but still makes a good points that can really make you think

"Why do you people keep fighting wars about pleasing god and going to heaven and instead make the earth more heaven like"

Not exact quote but line similar is in an episode that has a great message to Jews and Muslims in middle east to stop the damn fighting
South Park is sweeetttt
by SpunCrazyB July 08, 2003
a quit little red ned-neck, white trash, trailer town, mountain town.
South park is fuckin sweet!
by Urban Dictionary October 23, 2004
A show thats really fun to describe to people who haven't seen it.
There's this one South Park where Kenny gets hit by a bus, and it takes him to Mexico, and he thinks hes in hell.
a really great show to watch stoned.
its on practically everday on comedy central at like 930. its about four boys who usually find themselves in crazy situations, and dont really think its a huge deal. there are really random things in the show that are just soooo hilarious.

one of the best episodes i think is chinpokemon or weight gain 4000
cartman: but maaaam i wanjnakjfnskngsgjslkgjamlsfgl
mrs cartman: okay, dont pick ur nose hon

kyle: cartman u r such a fatass that when people walk down the street they say god damn thats a big fat ass
cartman: EHH
some guy: god damn thats a big fat ass
by deenie June 20, 2004
One of the coolest shows ever to air on Comedy Central.
Kyle's mom is a big fat bit.. she's the biggest bit.. in the whole wide world... South Park, the movie.
by Danali Marie October 20, 2003
a fucking funny cartoon. if you dont like south park then you are gay,not metrosexual, just gay
South Park narrator: The following presentation is brought to you in spooky vision and will be accompanied by pictures of Barbara Streisand
voice: agghhhh!!!
by fuyu no kaze May 08, 2005
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