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south park is an awesome show that has recently become boring and focuses on trying to make fun of americas society instead of trying to make the audience laugh their asses off like they use to. dont get me wrong, here, its still funny, just not as. and it is no longer animated with cardboard because, if you read the credits on one of the first episodes(1) and compare with one of the later ones(2) you will notice that on (1) it says 'cut-n-pasters,' indicating cardboard, but on (2) there is only 'animators' therefore resulting in the conclusion the the(2) episodes are more than likely computer animated.
and if any of the creators are 'sexy' it wouold have to be matt ,because he at least has hair. and i dont agree with people saying that if you dont like south park you are gay, i think that many people dont watch it or like it because they have kids, they find it offensive, they are more mature, or they just dont think its appropraite for anybody.
i dont feel like giveing an example.

has anyone else wondered if george bush watches south park?
by extremely pissed off girl July 07, 2005
A good show that losers claim to watch so they can sound cool
Josh: Did you see that one South Park where Kenny dies?

Me: Go to hell
by I'm Not Gay!! March 08, 2005
1. a comedy show, using only cut-out paper figures, created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. It features immature, elementary students cursing and discussing adult issues (especially sex)

2. an old mining town; present day Fairplay, Colorado
Did you watch that episode of South Park last week where Kenny dies?
by John Shim February 15, 2003
A show that was good once, but went to crap. The animation style was sub-par and the writers relied on shock humor to get a lsugh. Funny for a week then it just gets old.
Hey F***K you...I'm a g*dd**n South Park character. All I can do is F*****g swear because I have a s***ty vocabulary. I'm only funny to third grade f**ks who think that swearing is funny.
by Sgt. Pepper June 06, 2006
1. An overrated cartoon about four kids who do stupid stuff and make fun of each other. The older South Park episodes are really funny, mainly because they weren't so much about social issues as they were about the main characters acting dumb for the hell of it. Nowadays South Park relies too much on current events to be funny. It also seems too preachy. Like the Simpsons, the newer South Park episodes lack certain qualities that made the old ones great. Cartman's still pretty funny though.

2. A part of Colorado. South Park's not the name of a town, but rather a large portion of Southern Colorado or something.
1. "Hello Children!"
"Hey Chef"

2. South Park's a pretty boring place to visit.
by Rastablowtorch August 24, 2005
the show in which a poor little boy dies, and a fat piece of shit makes fun of a jew
Kenny- "mmmphhhmaffuddfh"
Cartman-"Shut up Kenny"
Kyle-"Shut up Fat-ass"
Cartman-"Shut your mouth you stupid jew
by your bitch May 15, 2003
ONce a truly great show, it loses some of it's entertainment value when you realize how effing misogynist the creator is. It used to be quite funny but now is reduced to issue of the week type storylines that use the fact that the show can be made in under a week rather than the 3 months it usually takes other animated programs to make it seemas though it is unusually insightful when in reality it is just really cheap. It used to be the big envelope pusher on TV but has snice been totally eclipsed by Family Guy.
Watch any episdoe dealing with women and tell me trey parker doesn't have deep rooted women issues.
by uberd February 28, 2005