Probaby the funniest shit known to man or beast.
John saw an episode of South Park and laughed for the rest of his life.
by Ainolketta February 19, 2005
the best fukin show on comedy central that was ever created!!!
" get rid of your parents call the cops and say that your parents malestered you..and if they ask if it was good touch or bad touch say it was bad touch.."
by Pinkpenguin October 22, 2004
A show that makes fun of religion, race, people, country's, problems, etc. And at the end of almost every episode Kyle gives a influential speech that teaches the boys a lesson and then cartman shits on everyone with his problems. It is the best show on the planet
Cartman: how bout you go suck my balls

(Classroom gasps)

Mr. Garrison: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!

Cartman: I'm sorry I'm sorry, actually what I said was (gets speaker phone) how you bout you suck my balls mr. Garrison

Stan: holy shit dude

From the South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut
by ReaperOfDefinitions February 29, 2016
A show on Comedy Central which is only famous because is has controversial jokes which sometimes can be funny but majority of time are pish. The show was created by two stoneheads, Matt Stone and Trey Parker who got high on weed or something during the Emmys, which surprises me that they are not serving jail time.

South Park revolves around four weird kids, Eric Cartman, a fatty tatty who is a hypocrit to other people, he is a racist cunt who at the age of 25 will die of aids because he eats too much KFC and Burger King. Stan Marsh, a perfectly normal average guy who is having a complicated relationship with Wendy 'Test a Burger' and he thinks he rocks at video games but in reality is shit at it. Kyle Brofloski or something, is a Jewish boy who normally gets picked on by Eric Cartman because of his religion, his mother is such a hoar and a 'big fat bitch' said by Cartman, but even though he is a big fat bitch, and Kenny, who is a cryptic horny 10-year old who doesn't reveal his real identity (just like The Doctor from Doctor Who) who lives with a slum family in a slum hole.

South Park is scheduled to continue until it's 20th season, and hopefully by then, it will be cancelled!! I've got that date in my calendar ;)
NARRATOR: South Park is up next on Comedy Central!
OLD WOMAN: A load of gobshite!
by Anoymous Guest April 19, 2015
A humorous, crude, but actually very smart T.V. show. Can get away with being so inappropriate because they started on Cable. Possibly the best show ever, though some people take it and it's depictions of people seriously.
1. No kitty, this is my pot-pie
2. Kyle, you are the three J's, Jewish, Ginger, and Jersey.
Shut up fatass!
3. Going down to South Park gonna have myself a time
by fuckboyyyyy1 August 15, 2015
the best goddam show in the world keepin kids out in mastic rofl 4 hours
Nukka 1: that south park is da shit homie!
nukka 2: true dat n btw FUK ALL THEM BITCH ASS POLICE
by AngelXXXdust May 30, 2008
The BEST show on the whole fucking planet if you hate it your a fucking retard!!!!!!! But, if you listen to everything it says that makes you a retard too. But, Oh well!! It rocks!!!!!!!!!
Stan"Omg they killed kenny!!"
Kyle"You bastards!"
Never gets old south park is a classic!!!!
by MandaKaye=] August 25, 2008
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