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South Park is an American comedy sitcom that points out and makes fun of the ignorance and stupidity in society.

The child characters are way too fucking adorable for anyone's eyes and the dialogue is hilarious.
If you like Family Guy, why?!?! Get your ass to Comedy Central and see what doesn't use random jokes and is actually realistic.

That is why it is funny, bitches. Respect its goddamn authority.
The scientology South Park episode may seem stupid, but it shows how ridiculous the 'religion' actually is.
by kmftw January 08, 2012
A hilarious comedy show about Eric Cartman, Kyle Brofloski, Stan Marsh, and Kenny McCormick living in a redneck town called South Park. It shows what it is like living in a small town and often involves social commentary. However, the show gets very preachy when it makes fun of politics by promoting their own. Other than that, its awesome!
Watch South Park! You will die laughing.
by Blitzkrieg999 May 07, 2010
My religion.
Stan: You know, somebody once said, “Don’t try to be a great man, just be a man.”
Jesus: Who said that?
Stan: You did, Jesus.
Jesus: You’re right, Stan. Thank you, boys!
Kyle: Wow, did he say that in the Bible?
Stan: Nah, I saw it on Star Trek.

Stan: Dude, we don’t have any talent.
Cartman: That didn’t stop any of the other boy bands, damn it!

Mr. Garrison: Well, your moms are just upset. They’re probably all on their periods or something.
Gregory: Mr. Garrison, Wendy and I think that was a sexist statement.
Mr. Garrison: Well, I’m sorry, Wendy. But I just don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die.

Bebe: Mom, what's six times eight?
Bebe's mom: Oh, sweetie, those are two completely different numbers.

Cartman: Okay, Token, give me a sweet bass line.
Token: I don't know how to play the bass.
Cartman: Token, how many times do we have to go through this? You're black. You can play bass.

Token: I'm getting sick of your stereotypes.
Cartman: Get as sick as you want, just give me a goddamn bass line!
Token: Plays the bass expertly Oh, goddammit.

south park rocks :)
by wetweis March 22, 2010
The funniest fucking show ever created.
South Park is the best show on the planet. Its fucking brilliant!
by noʎ ʞɔnɟ November 30, 2009
Better than Family Guy
South park is better than Family Guy because Family Guy's jokes are written by manatees.
by Dan8891 October 18, 2010

A neighborhood in the south side of Houston, TX (south central /southeast houston to be more precise) commonly heard of in many houston hiphop tracks and highly represented by many houston rappers native or keen to the area (also the location of screwed up records and tapes - shop of the late dj screw, from which he allegedly hails from; and unofficialy the screwed up click; SPC (South Park Coalition), and SPM (South Park Mexican) - among many others).

The neighborhood is located square between (highways) the South Loop East (I-610), beltway 8 expwy / sam houston tollway (south / east), I-45 South (gulf frwy) and 288 South (south frwy). The exact location would actually be on MLK blvd, south of 610 where, upon entering, you will see the "Southpark" declaration sign 'welcoming' you to the neighborhood. The size of the community is not exactly known, some might say the perimeter is approximately bounded by South 610 East, Cullen Blvd (even as far as scott st), Mykawa Rd (or even around reed rd), and Bellfort Ave - some MIGHT say.

Back in the day, MLK blvd actually was named Southpark blvd and it started out as a middle/working class white neighborhood. Eventually, most of the white populous moved out, while at the same time, more middle/lower-middle/working class to quite low-income blacks began moving in. Today, southpark is predominantly a black neighborhood.
What `hood dost I rep thou sayeth young squire? why South Park, but of course!

Well, I must say sir, I'm quite partial to the Timmy Chans in South Park - the original...some say.

Ah, yes, quite right thou is, quite right good sir!

by El Machete del valle March 05, 2006
a show that makes fun of every type of person, generally to point out how stupid steriotypes are. u cant get mad at south park bc it makes fun of everyone.
South Park makes fun of:gingers, jews, poor ppl, homeless ppl, homeschooled kids, the pope, fat ppl, mormons, scientologists, and much much more
by goPACKgo147e3664172367 January 08, 2011