The funniest cartoon show on television. Audience is more conservative. Way better then family guy, which leans towards liberals. :P
"See! I told you if you don't eat meat you turn into a p*ssy!" - Cartman, South Park
by Sean Donnelly January 19, 2006
The best show in the past, present, and future of the world. Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovsky, Stan Marsh, and Kenny McCormick make up the kickass characters in this great show. Cartman's a Nazi fat kid with a hatred of hippies, gingers, jews, and basically every group he's not a part of. Kyle's a normal, fun loving jew kid. Stan's your average shmoe, and Kenny's so poor, he eats pop tarts for dinner every night. NEW EPISODES OF SOUTH PARK EVERY WEDNESDAY ON COMEDY CENTRAL.
Shut up, you fucking Jew. (cartman)
But Moooooooooooooooom, i (gibberish) TOMORROW! (cartman)
Shut up, fatass! (kyle)
mmm fmmm hmmfhm hmfmfmhf hmmm! (kenny)
that's totally uber 1337 kool. (stan)
Mr. Hat is gonna slap you bitches up. (Mrs. Garrison)
south park, the best show on earth
by the stifmeister March 30, 2008
An excellent and funny show that makes fun of society, consisting of four ten-year olds who swear a lot. Yet most of the people who watch it are ignorant teenagers, and they make fun of Jews/Asians/Black people because they think it's 'cool' since Cartman does it. Cartman is definitely hilarious, but the whole point of his character is to make FUN of Racism. Teenagers who watch the show also don't realize Jews made the show.
Ignorant teenager: haha joos are dum so ar asians and black people duh

Intelligent teenager: Shut up, idiot. Jews made the South Park.

Ignorant teenager: nuh uh then y would they make fun of joos hahah take that pwned

Intelligent teenager: If you are a certain race or religion, it's a whole lot easier to make fun of yourself. But of course you wouldn't understand that since your an average, white, Christian teenager.
by starwarsgeek133 August 18, 2010
THE FUNNIEST SHOW EVER! the main characters are kyle, kenny wich keeps dieing & somehow coming back to life, stan, and obese racist, but funny eric.
south park kicks ass allllllllllll the way! you can watch free whole episodes @, when you get to the site just click full episodes!
by the guy who's a south park fan February 10, 2009
The best, funniest, and most worthy to be watched show EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on episodes of south park:
Ex #1

Mr. Garrison:ok class wats 5x2.......come on dont be shy clyde
Clyde: 12
Mr.Garrison: ok how bout someone whos not a complete retard ...kyle
Kyle:i think i no the answer mr. garrison
Kyle: shut up fat boy
Cartman: dont call me fat u f****** jew
Mr. garrison: eric did u just say the f word
Cartman: wat? jew?
Kyle:no hes talking about f*** u cant say f*** in school f****** fat a**
Mr. Garrison: KYLE!
Cartman: y the f*** not
Mr. Garrison: ERIC!
Stan: dude u just said f*** again
Mr. Garrison: STANLEY!
Kenny: f***
Mr. Garrison: KENNY!
Cartman: wats the big deal it doesnt hurt anybody f*** f****** f**
Mr.Garrison: how would u like to go see the school counsler
Cartman: how would u like to suck my balls
Mr.Garrison: wat did u say!!!
Cartman: im sorry im sorry actually wat i said was *gets loudspeaker* how would u like to suck my balls mr. garrison
Stan: holy sh** dude
Ex #2
kitty: meow
cartman:no kitty thiz iz my pot pie
kitty: meow
cartman: no kittys a bad kitty thiz iz my pot pie
kitty: hsss
cartman: mom kittys bein a dildo

cartmans mom: then i no a certain kitty kitty thats sleeping with mommy tonite
cartman: .....wat???
by xXtwilightXx December 27, 2009
Basically the bible.
South Park, Bible, same thing.
by Samanthaa* November 09, 2007
An expression of the white, straight, middle-class American male's perceived "oppression" at the hands of feminists, liberals and gays.
omg if u dont liek south park ur gay!!!
by hwbrgdtse December 12, 2005

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