A cartoon on Comedy Central

The BEST animated show EVER made...

Kyle rules all
South Park is on in 5 minutes!! WHERE'S THE REMOTE?!?!?!!?
by Bob July 07, 2004
One of the only good TV shows on now. Created by the sexy Trey Parker and his best friend Matt Stone.
That episode of "South Park" last night was excellent.
by Vatfryer March 21, 2003
The BEST show ever to air!
Me-Lets watch south park!
Amber-That show is sooo gay!
by cartmaniax September 05, 2005
the most kick ass show ever created, if you havent bought the first season ond dvd yet this would be your ultimate bible
cartman- god kitty you are such a f*cking dill doe
cartmans mom (the dirty slut)-well then i no a special kitty kitty thats sleeping with mommy tonight
by zzzzaaapppaaa May 08, 2003
The greatest thing ever. Has had a kick ass tv show for 8 years and spawned a fantastic movie.
"I'd rather be a crying little pussy than a faggy goth"-Butters.
South park is great.
by Adrian October 21, 2005
An animated show featured mainly on Comedy Central about the lives of four 10 year olds-Cartman, a fat, rascist asshole, Kyle, a Jewish kid who usually doesn't follow fads and is ridiculed for it, Stan, similar to Kyle, but more likely to follow along with the crowd, and Kenny, the most perverted of the four, who is famous for dying in every episode for the first five seasons. The show mocks the stupider aspects of society with no mercy, and rarely depicts celebrities or politicians in a respectable manner. For intance, Paris Hilton coughed up semen, insulted people needlessly, demanded ownership of Butters Stotch (as a pet), and had sex with a pineapple before being shoved up Mr. Slave's ass. While some episodes are semi-realistic, most are downright fucked-up in the most awesome way possible, a prime example being the scene where the boys are running through a drug dealer's strip club make guns with their hands and yelling "bangbang bang"...while being shot at, with a stripper wandering around going "Dance? Anyone want a dance?" Now quit reading this definition and buy the fucking movie.
Cartman: Kyle...all those times I made fun of you? I didn't mean it. You're not a Jew.
Kyle:...Yes I am! I am a Jew!
Cartman: No, no, don't be so hard on yourself...

South Park is awesome.
by 666thHeretic July 08, 2006
Once (and still is) an original, provocative, and hilarious show, somewhat like the earlier Simpsons; now threatened to fall on the brink of appeasement for younger audiences, causing possible deterioration just like its predecessor became.
"Officer Barbrady: Oh wait I thought of something! ....Oh, never mind that was substraction"

Ah, too bad good things don't last forever
by wtf March 18, 2005
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