A clever show that pokes fun at society. The minute people see how crappy the animation is they dismiss it at crap but in reality it is a very smart show.
Curse your black heart Barbara Streisand!

................South Park is funny....................
by Spikesy May 29, 2006
The reason I have cable.
South Park Quote:

Jesus: "Quick, I need to know how to kill a giant stone Abraham Lincoln?"

Moses: "Um.............with a giant stone John Wilkes Boothe?"
by shoop February 17, 2006
the funniest animated show ever created. airs on comedy central.
Kyle: Ahh! They killed Kenny!
Stan: Those Bastards!
by kill hannah February 18, 2005
The best fucking show in the history of TV.
South Park kicks so much ass, it almost hurts.
by The Female Joo July 03, 2003
The best fucking show in the world!!! Biotch!
'South Park is the best fucking show in the world!!! Biotch!!!'
by Lexy and Lea February 08, 2004
best fuckin show that has ever fuckin been on the fuckin tv. ....bitch
^^^^^^ explaines it all.
by mmmeeeggghhhaannnnn July 25, 2004
South park is the nam,e of a show aired on Comedy Central but available in other parts of the world as well
the show takes its name from the cozy little town of South Park set in the mountains of Colorado
The Shows creators are Matt Stone and Trey parker who incidently live near the infamous Columbine high school which shot to fame due to the kiling of students in a school shootout
the town of Littleton is the basis of South park
The shows Central Characters are four boys in the fourth grade. a host of secondary characters are also featured. This show may be classified as satirical much in the same genre as the very popular T.V show The Simpsons
The shows theme is based on the hippocrisy that is prevalent in the world today
They also address issues regarding racism, Rednecks, The Canadians etc...
Also characteristic is the use of excessive "Swear" words by the cast
From the movie :Southpark; Bigger Longer Uncut
Mr.Garrison: Cartman, how would u like to see the school counsellor...??

Cartman: Mr.Garrison, how would u like to suck my balls...!!

Mr.Garrison: Wht did u just said...?

Cartman:o my fault (with a portable loudspeaker this time) How would u like to suck my balls, Mr. Garrison...?
by vijeth March 04, 2006
A show about four boys who live in South Park.It runs on Comedy Central at 9:30 Tuesday,Wendsday,and Thursday,and there are new ones Wendsday.
South Park is the greatest show in the world and if you don't agree you can kiss my ass!
by the one called moose June 20, 2003
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