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A clever show that pokes fun at society. The minute people see how crappy the animation is they dismiss it at crap but in reality it is a very smart show.
Curse your black heart Barbara Streisand!

................South Park is funny....................
by Spikesy May 29, 2006
A funny show that stopped making good episodes in 2006
Starting with the demise of Chef, it went downhill. I know about the tension between Matt+Trey and Isaac Hayes, but watching that episode felt like being caught between two kids yelling at each other and the kids are also your parents. Oh well, there's always South park reruns.
The Worst Show To Ever Air In The History Of Television
SP Fan: OMG South Park is the greatest show ever!

Normal Person: Why all they do is the same crap every episode, Kenny dies, Cartman Hates on Jews, Kyle and Stan complain about everything what is so great about this show?

SP Fan:Fuck You!! You Stupid Asshole Fuck You!!!!!
by South Park Sucks April 03, 2011
An expression of the straight, white middle-class American male's perceived "oppression" at the hands of feminists, liberals and gays.
omg if u dont liek south park ur gay u fag!!!!
by hwbrgdtse December 29, 2005
An expression of the white, straight middle-class American male's perceived "oppression" at the hands of feminists, liberals and gays.
omg if u dont liek south park ur gay u fag!!!!!
by hwbrgdtse December 29, 2005
A really small town in Colorado with a population of less then 200.
It's in COLORADO NOT Canada!
by guest drone #89 December 11, 2004
The show's been taking itself too seriously for the past few seasons. It's still funny, and it's gotten better in the latest season, but half the time it seems they're more interested in making uninsightful social commentary than in being funny.
I quickly change the channel whenever the Pledge of Allegiance/pedophile priests episode of "South Park" comes on.
by ... June 09, 2004
A mall where ghetto mexicans go to engorge themselves on taquitos, flautas, and beans and buy clothing that they have to struggle to fit onto their large buttocks and hips from stores such as Pacsun and Hot Topic, since most mexicans who are poor seem to love to play this game that they are not only rich but attractive and sexy. Unfortunately for the rest of society who has to witness the spectacle, they often fail miserably and end up looking like the tacky trash God made them to be. Amen.
" Ey wey lets go get some tacos and head over to Old Navy with the hombres, I'll be meeting Monica, she just got here, she just arrived in a cow wagon, the feds didn't see her she blends in with the cows wey. Oda la wey, look at these pants from Hot Topic, size 2? I can make them hombres with determination"

- Too bad for Jose he cannot, the laws of physics look down upon him with merciless eyes.
by John Kerry is my King. April 20, 2005