A country with great potential located on the southern part of a peninsula that juts out from China and the rest of mainland Asia. For centuries, it had been the cultural link from China to Japan, but when the West began to modernize the East, its power and influence dropped greatly, due to the stronger modernized countries of Japan, the US and Russia that became involved with it.
South Korea has undergone its share of highs and lows, and has made a remarkable leap from 3rd World country to a modern democracy in the last fifty years or so, but it still has a long way to go before it reaches world class status.
If South Korea is going to get anywhere, it should first learn to forgive and befriend its neighboring countries, especially Japan.
I am a South Korean because I live in South Korea.
by placebo December 08, 2004
An awesome nation where everything and everyone is originated from.
Person 1: This hamburger is amazing!
Person 2: Must've originated in South Korea
by nancylee July 08, 2010
The nation occupying the southern half of the Korean Peninsula that adopted capitalistic policies on its economy and a democratic system of government after WWII. Although it became a dictatorship for nearly two decades after its second president was assisinated in a coup, it is currently running under the system its founding fathers (of the political entity of S. Korea, not of the Korean people in general) orginally intended it to be run under.

I have seen a lot of disapproval for definition #6 of S. Korea, and I would like to clarify what might be one of its seemingly inflammatory points. I am Korean myself, and I have to agree with whoever wrote definition #6 refuting definition #1 on the part regarding S. Korea possessing a 4000 year old history. Although somewhat offensive on the first read of Definition #6, this remark is not without truth. Techically speaking, the 4000 year old history applies to the Korean Peninsula and people as a whole, not just to S.Korea and its inhabitants specifically. "South Korea" as a political entity has not even existed for a century. On a even more politically correct note, the Korea to be referred to in this 4000 year history should be called Chosun, since the name "Korea" was used by Westerners to refer to Chosun.
While the 4000 year history in def. 1 for South Korea belongs under "Korea" or "Chosun," it should be noted to whoever wrote def. 6 that the Korean Peninsula's 4000 year old history as a geographic and ethnic region is indeed factual and supported by solid evidence.

Today's nations of North Korea and South Korea are still continuing the 4000+ year old history of Chosun even to this day. Someday, hopefully, they will reclaim the title of "Korea"
by KPride April 21, 2006
A country in east asia, occupying the southern half of the Korean pennisula. Currently it possesses the 10th largest economy and has a population of apporoximatly 48 million people. It's capital is at Seoul which was once the capital of a unified Korea. South Korea shares a common language with North Korea aswell as bloodlines and traditional culture. Although the South Korean government is only a little more than a half century old, the Korean people, language and culture have existed for more than 4,000 years.
There have been many opinions and personal ideas of what Korea is and what it means to be Korean, and personal statements from non-Koreans on this site as to how Koreans come across to other peoples. However, there is a difference between fact and opinion.
Tong-il Mahnsae! Unified Korea!
South Korea and North Korea.
by Old Boy May 18, 2006
The most amazing country in the world. Korea has great people, great culture, AMAZING food, great people, sprawling cities like Seoul, beautiful sights like JeJu Do, great art, and great literature. It produces some of the top people in the world- Kim Yuna, and Ban Gi-Moon UN Secretary-General. Korea has the curious ability to make anyone from this nation proud to be Korean.

As for the dispute with Japan, all Korea wants is a sincere, heartfelt apology for war crimes committed during the occupation. However, the Japanese government refuses to do so, and fails to educate their young on the atrocities of their ancestors by omitting them from their current history textbooks. Koreans believe this is a major drawback on Korean-Japanese relations. Therefore, Koreans believe that a Japanese apology to Korea will be a starting point of peaceful relations between the two countries. Having said that, most Koreans, though, will agree that "one shall forgive, but never forget."
South Korea
by ILoveBiBimBap February 06, 2012
The nation that everyone (except politicians and historians) really mean about when they mention Korea. Mainly because North Korea isn't really worth mentioning.
Gamer: Have you seen how good Korean gamers are?
HIstorian: You mean South Korea!
by Kargaroc586 November 03, 2015
Lots of pretty girls. Unfortunately, the smell of kimchi (macerated cabbage with garlic they eat at all meals) kind of kills the glamour.

Koreans are in love with their cell phones. They always have it in their hand, and spend an insane amount of money on the thing. Freud would have a lot to say about that.

Really loathe Japan, and can get vociferous on the subject. On the other hand, Japan was an absolute asshole to them, so you can't really blame the Koreans for hating their guts.

Should be more grateful to the US for their military presence, because they have some scary neighbors, called the North Koreans. South Koreans can be surprisingly naive on the subject. Try avoiding any conversation on the subject, you generally end up banging your head on the wall (and no, I'm not American).

Produce some of the corniest movies and soap operas ever made. "Winter Sonata" or "The Coastguard" come to mind.

Korean drivers are scary, especially in Seoul. The bus drivers and taxis are lethal.

1. You are immune to the smell of "the kimchi breath."
2. You no longer come to a complete stop at the stop sign and you never, ever, yield the right-of-way.
3. People ask if you want to go by car and you respond, "No, I'm in a hurry."
by Chihuahua Pearl July 12, 2005

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