The nation occupying the southern half of the Korean Peninsula that adopted capitalistic policies on its economy and a democratic system of government after WWII. Although it became a dictatorship for nearly two decades after its second president was assisinated in a coup, it is currently running under the system its founding fathers (of the political entity of S. Korea, not of the Korean people in general) orginally intended it to be run under.

I have seen a lot of disapproval for definition #6 of S. Korea, and I would like to clarify what might be one of its seemingly inflammatory points. I am Korean myself, and I have to agree with whoever wrote definition #6 refuting definition #1 on the part regarding S. Korea possessing a 4000 year old history. Although somewhat offensive on the first read of Definition #6, this remark is not without truth. Techically speaking, the 4000 year old history applies to the Korean Peninsula and people as a whole, not just to S.Korea and its inhabitants specifically. "South Korea" as a political entity has not even existed for a century. On a even more politically correct note, the Korea to be referred to in this 4000 year history should be called Chosun, since the name "Korea" was used by Westerners to refer to Chosun.
While the 4000 year history in def. 1 for South Korea belongs under "Korea" or "Chosun," it should be noted to whoever wrote def. 6 that the Korean Peninsula's 4000 year old history as a geographic and ethnic region is indeed factual and supported by solid evidence.

Today's nations of North Korea and South Korea are still continuing the 4000+ year old history of Chosun even to this day. Someday, hopefully, they will reclaim the title of "Korea"
by KPride April 21, 2006
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South Korea has a long and complicated history that reaches very far back in time. Even though many non-Koreans, or non-Asians, confuse the Koreans for Japanese or Chinese people, it is apparent that South Koreans and its country has its own distinctive culture. Korean girls, or women, are said to be attractive and pretty even though that is not true for every Korean female. Korea has a very beautiful language that many foreigners want to learn. It is famous for its fast development from a third world country to one of the powerful countries in the world. Korea is known for its developed technology such as the Internet, cellphones, mp3 players, and many more. However, Korea currently suffers from an insecure and corrupted government. Also, Korea is pretty polluted since so many people are living on such a small piece of land. Many Koreans believe that the Sea of Japan is wrongly named by people who are ignorant of history. Also, foreigners like to look at Korea as a wanna-be Japan country, when Koreans aren't envious of Japan at all. Koreans aren't jealous of Japan-- they are mad at it and its people for the brutal acts they did to Korea and its people back in time.
Korea is a nationalistic country.
by me May 05, 2004
A country where production of pretty chicks surpass any other asian countries...
Damn... that South Korean chick is making my D*** hard.
by huhuhu March 22, 2005
The world's leading source of StarCraft players.
South Korea: home of the Zergling rush
by sonswitch July 22, 2008
A country located in Southeast Asia between Japan and China. Because of the recent economic rise from a third world country to the 10th largest economy in the world, it is often refered to as the eastern tiger. It has a history going back over 4000 years (This is clearly documented and there is almost no dispute over it), and there are theories that the Japanese may have been civilized by the Koreans.

Its culture is both complex and rich, but many modern-day Koreans are increasingly embracing technology and disgarding a lot of the original culture. However, core principals such as deference to elders are still very apparent.

Today, Korean pop-culture is becoming increasingly influential in the Southeast Asian area; many Korean celebrities, such as BoA, can now fluently speak Japanese and Chinese as well because of their popularity in those regions. The Japanese loooove K-Pop and K-Drama, and the Korean movie industry is gaining more and more influence.

But modern day Korean culture is still developing, and takes many inputs from foriegn countries. Popular imports include Japanese manga and rap.

The food in Korea is considered to be delicious by many foreigners. However, it is not for everyone as many dishes include garlic as a key ingredient. Prominant dishes include bul-go-gi (marinated grilled beef), kim-chi (spiced pickled cabbage), and bi-bim-bap (rice mixed with various side dishes, such as the aforementioned bulgogi and kimchi)

Korea is probably the most wired country in the world. Its high population density and small land mass fosters high speed internet and cell phone techonology. Gaming is becoming very popular and a key part in teenagers' lives. Korea is the only country in the world where Pro-Gaming can be a full time job.

Like most other Asian countries, the educational system in Korea is highly intense and competitive. Math and the sciences are stressed as being highly important. English is also considered as an important subject as well. By the end of middle school, or 8th grade, nearly all Koreans have studied Algebra II, and many have learned trigonomotry as well. Competition to get into the top colleges such as Seoul University is extreme, and many Korean students go to America to escape from the competition, and choose to study as exchange students and attend an American college. Korean students often go to school until three, and then go to hak-won in the evening, or places where you are tutored further in certain subjects, ranging from math to piano to english, so that you can do better in schools. There is a standardized national test that a student needs to take before going to college, and tests for specific areas as well. The standardized test is about the level of the AP tests in America.

South Korea is a promising country in todays world. In 50 years, it emerged from a third world country to the 10th largest economy in the world. However, there are many problems that it must face in the future, including government corruption, political relations with North Korea, pollution, and economic stability. But if it overcomes these problems, South Korea has the potential to become one of the greatest countries in the world.
I used to live in South Korea and then went to MIT... and found that my courses at MIT were easier then the courses I took in Korea. (in terms of the hours spent studying to get a good grade)
by Black)Waltz September 28, 2005
A country that...
1. makes some of the world's most innovative and technologically advanced cell phones (Samsung)!!
2. hosted the 1988 Olympic Games and the 2002 World Cup (with Japan)
3. Tae-Kwon-Do is from
4. has one of the busiest and biggest cities (SEOUL)
5. is one of the world's top 10 automobile-producing countries
6. has some of the best-tasting food in the world! (kimchi, bulgogi, etc.)
Kid 1: Dude, your phone is awesome!! What company made it?
Kid 2: SAMSUNG!! It's from South Korea.
by KoreanPride012 September 26, 2007
Unbiased side:
South Korea is an East Asian country west from Japan. It was once part of a unified Korea along with its northern neighbor, North Korea. SK is one of the largest economies in the world with companies like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, etc. It's capital is Seoul.

Biased side:
Idiots like dudeinwales, who made a definition where he compares South Korea with North Korea need to be shot. I read your lame-ass definitions of South Korea and other stuff related to the country and to me you sound like a xenophobic asshole.
South Korea is not North Korea
by fuck you dudeinwales May 19, 2007
A country in Asia.
Below China, and beside Japan across the sea.

are the well known companies around the world and also led to the growth of the Korean economy.

The country is also known for
soap operas, dramas (rather cheesy)
ex. Winter Sonata
and pop music groups (called K-pop)
ex. Boa, SNSD

Food is quite popular between foreigners.
Things like Kimchee, Kimbap, and the Korean barbecue are famous.
A lot foods use garlic and red chili.

Korean Parents are very into education.
Education means everything,

good education would guarantee good jobs.

Attending to university is a free pass to get away from joining the army.
Many koreans study outside of the country like the US and Canada to learn English.

Also, many Koreans hate Japan from the annexation.
Many think the Japanese government denies to apologize for what Japan did during the annexation period, when the Japanese government has multiple times. (Last one was Aug,15,2010 )
There is also collisions between the two countries with Dokdo/Takeshima island.

(Well, i guess its normal for neighboring countries to not get along. Happens all over the world.)
All three of my Korean friends: South Korea is the best country and its going to rule the world in any time.
by sgbb October 31, 2010
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