A lovely, but small, picturesque state of the southeast Atlantic Coast. South Carolina is nice but is poor and has a significantly high crime rate, too many illegal immigrants (which, there shouldn't be any at all anywhere), and a relatively high prison population. South Carolina is one of those state's that doesn't have any large cities to speak of. Columbia is the capital and largest city (100,000). Other cities include Charleston, Spartanburg and Greenville. The state's #1 tourist attraction is Myrtle Beach.
I wouldn't live in South Carolina because it is small, poor and has no large cities to speak of--kind of like Arkansas. Nice to live in I'm sure, but count me out.
by krock1dk January 28, 2008
South Carolina is the worse state ever. Full of Mexicans. The cops are assholes. Everyone is still hanging onto the past. It is full of hicks. It is way too hot. It is not even worth to be called a state it fucking blows.
Man, I want to got to South Carolina.
Why the fuck you wanna go to South Carolina? It is full of fucking illegal smelly Mexicans and hicks fuck South Carolina it sucks.
by Mutzy99 October 08, 2006
A state that tries its best to convince the rest of America that it only consists of Charleston, Hilton Head, and Myrtle Beach. Unfortunatley it is also filled with about a million other square miles of nothing. South Carolina also has a program where children are taught from birth that going to Clemson University is the only thing worth living for, because they know that otherwise every kid who graduates from high school would immediatley move out of state. It pays for this program using an "Education Lottery" that preys on poor minorities. Once a South Carolinian graduates from Clemson they are then forced to move back to the small town where they grew up, and start their own family where they raise another batch of classy rednecks who aspire for mediocrity.
Me: what do you want to do with your life?
Me: but I mean like after that...
Me: do you like want to stay in South Carolina your whole life?
by SC 4 now July 31, 2006
A sexual maneuver that involves getting a girl to go down on you, preferably while lying on a bed so that she's lying between your legs, then tearing ass. Idealy this will actually be a "shart" rather than a fart, but farts also count too.
Technically girls can do this too, though it's not as common. For women however it becomes even more diverse and may involve sharting, farting or queefing. Any of these disgusting bodily functions will produce the desired effect.
"Dude, my fucking boyfriend pulled a South Carolina on me last night and I think my nostrils may've sustained permenant damage... and my sheets are ruined for sure."

"What the fuck?! Did you just queef in my face?!"
"Please, it's called a 'South Carolina', honey."
by Bed Sharter September 09, 2006
South Carolina is crap. I have lived here for 31 years and wondering why I haven't left yet. The wages are horrible in here. The poor stay poor, the rich stay rich. As noted earlier, North Charleston is one of the most dangerous cities in the country, but it's not the hicks that commit the crime. As a matter of fact, good luck on finding a white person in North Charleston.
North Charleston is one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Columbia isn't that much better
by Maitenence_guy July 14, 2005
a state that every one thinks if full of hicks, when actuly there's isn;t hardly a single one in all of Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, and even Greenville. ....Spartanburg, Orangeburg, Coloumbia, Rock Hill, Florence, and Charelston are full of them though.
MAN, i want to go to go to soth carolina.
South Carolina!? isn;t that full on hicks though?
Actuly there aren't many hicks in Greenville at all.
Oooooooohh, sure didn't know that.
by South Carolinian July 04, 2004
for me, the worst state in the country, filled with hippocrites, racists, hicks and rednecks. though columbia is the largest city there ain't nothin worth seein in this state except hilton head & myrtle beach.
How in the hell am I supposed to enjoy a place like South Carolina when I just moved from Cali?!
by Woobie May 30, 2005

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