It's a myth. Don't let people fool you, it's not really there.
Person 1: Hey man, ever been to South Carolina?
Person 2: What's South Carolina?
Person 1: It's right below North Carolina.
Person 2: That's Georgia...
by sunshineluhv June 15, 2010
A place where no one ever comes because 95% of the population are assholes
"5sos never comes here"
"Magcon never comes here"
"Jack gilinsky wears South Carolina shirts but doesn't come here."
"A dad made Keaton cry in myrtle beach."
"The only nice people here are people with tattoos and stretched ears."
"I have to travel to North Carolina or Atlanta to see people in concert."
by mermaid July 19, 2014
To be fingered with a sibling in the same room
Yo I just got mad South Carolina bait
by Ya man yo yo yo February 28, 2014
The breeding ground of sexy guys with sexy accents.
I caught myself a sexy man from South Carolina, and haven't gone back since.
by purple gamma ray March 14, 2007
South Carolina is about the only thing left in the united states that still has morals. Of course everyones first thought is its nothing but rednecks. News flash rednecks are everywhere even in the north so shut up. We have a beautiful coast. Were probably one of the only states that knows its history and teaches it. why be ignorant about where you live? God forbid we have a couple idiots who are stupid enough to drink and hunt at the same time but you can't tell me were the only state that has them. Yeah we know olympic gold medalists micheal phelps was caugth on camera smoking pot at the Unviersity of South Carolina but hey that his fault. had nothing to do with us at all. We do have some crazy god loving freaks out here but its all apart of freedom of religion if thats what they want then that them. We have miles of "nothing" out here as you guys would like to say but we call it peace and quite away from the loud city nosie and trouble. Must of us call it home its not nothing its home. So stop hacking on my state bitches.
A: Those people out in South Carolina are rednecks.

B:There a couple but must of the time there smart. you just think they're stupid because they like to hunt&fish.

A: You don't know what your talking about rednecks are dumb espcially from south carolina

B:I'm from south carolina idiot and compare to you i'm a genius

A: how

B:i graduate high school and didn't fluck out of college like your dumb ass

A: I did what

B: see your so stupid you didn't even know. should have been raised in south carolina at least there you would have had a chance.
by Southern Sweet heart May 09, 2009
unfortunately, a state dat gets ragged on everychance it has. in actuality it is one of the best states period. for all you other haters from cali and ny, fuck you and the bitch you rode on. South carolina is just like every other southern state. We got our rednecks, our idiots, our niggas. and yea some of our schools ain't all dat good. But we still got our southern gentlemen, hospitalaty, slang, accent and intelligent people.I've lived in da hood of S.C all mylife andgo to one of da ghettoest schools in da state. But I couldn't pick a better or more beautiful state to live in.
All you other bitches and hataz can fuck off and go back where you came from. nobody asked fo yo 2 cent.South Carolina has a natural beauty, unlike the north, all polluted and shit. if ya don't like it, stop bitchin and wastin our time. If ya hate it heya den leave. shouldn't o' came down heya if yo didn'tlike it heya.Hatin', bitch, complainin', ass, uppity ass niggas.
by zay zay November 13, 2008
When a woman is taking a shit and a horny man with a boner comes up to her and ejaculates into her vaginal cavity whilest she is taking a shit.
Dayne: Oh. DAMN. I heard that Pablo gave Marsha a South Carolina last night.
by the sexonator 69 January 07, 2011

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