a really cool place with the palmetto trees, atlantic ocean, warm weather, and everyone is soooo nice!! Iv'e only been there once but what a good expeirience!! (the great southern manners are nice, unlike what we get in Cali were im from)

by Quinn Jasmine Usteda July 10, 2008
A state of the union locate North of Georgia and south of North Carolina. The state was on of the original thirteen colonies. The first charter was made by the eight lord's proprietors who where being rewarded for the restoring of King Charles II to the throne. Afterward the proprietary government was overthrown due to colonist ill feelings for the support of the eight who they thought where protecting them. A first in a long line of South Carolinian rebellion for superiors.
The port of Charleston was the largest port in the thirteen colonies at the begging of the 1700s (was soon out done by Philadelphia). There also was a large percent of Scot-Irish who immigrated to South Carolina from Britain to escape religious persecution. These hardy pioneers where the people who helped colonize the back country (north eastern part of the state).
During and around the revolution there where only a few people in the state who opposed Britain, most notably Christopher Gadsden. But the British realized there where many loyalist in the state and knew their best chances was to wage the war there, which led to the three attempts to capture Charleston, which succeeded on the third try. But after Tarelton's massacre in the Waxhaw's the Scots Irish strongly opposed British sentiment and helped renew vigor in the rebellion.
If it not been for Francis Marion (the swamp fox) and a couple of others we could not have kept Cornwallis's army from going North and crushing Washington and the Continental army.
After the war was over many Scots-Irish wish to punish the Loyalist by taking their land and their fortunes. However the man who had sparked anti-Anglo feelings also worked to help those who remained loyal to the crown :Christopher Gadsden. Many loyalist returned to England and few stayed afterwards.
And several decades latter South Carolina was the main contributor to the Mexican-American war. 46 percent of the army where native South Carolinians. And tons of money was contributed from many South Carolina citizens who donated to local churches who encouraged them to do so.
I'm sure many of you know South Carolina in the civil war so I'm going to skip that.
Yes South Carolina has a great history now lets look at the modern era.
The upper part of South Carolina like many people think is where the litter flows. Litter lines the streets of many cities, but many people are starting to get greener there and making anti-littler programs. Most of the people from the Up country are generally what people would call hicks. However they are not dumb country bumpkins (like stereotypes), they now whats going on but seem to have a huge patriot sentiments ad hoc all the American flags hanging from peoples homes.
The people from the Charleston and coastal area are held by most to be the more sophisticated. Which I say is true in many respects as they have more colleges and more lucrative market trade and such. It is also the "Bread basket" where all the Carolina gold is grown aka Free Grown Rice. What also makes this area unique is that it is the only 1 of the lower 48 that can grow the tea plant.
All in all South Carolina is a great state. Proud history, nice people, and tons of tourism. I'm proud to be a South Carolinian.
Go South Carolina, home of the GameCocks.
by Anglo-Saxon 3 May 14, 2008
The most schizophrenic state in the lower 48. Characterized by randomly friendly people in certain counties followed by homicidal rednecks ready to shoot the first person who crosses the tire swing in the front yard.

No federal highway taxes, shitty highways, no state inspections, the country's highest insurance rates, the worst DMV east of the Mississippi, and a Governor using state money to fly to rail his South American mistress. Does it get any better than this?

But also a beautiful state, amazing scenery and mountains, as well as beaches, and nonetheless, some of the most beautiful women in the United States.

The second craziest state, second ONLY to the People's Republic of California.
The Governator should come run for election here in South Carolina. He just might feel at home.
by DEFAMATION803 October 07, 2010
North Carolina's Mexico, the better of the Carolinas
South Carolina - A southern state known for being a typical southern state with hicks and palmetto trees

North Carolina - A southern state that's like Georgia circa 1942 that's full of idiots
by Da Wizard Of OZ December 06, 2009
Like our license plates say: "Smiling faces, beautiful places"
South Carolina may suck statistically but is a cool state overall. It's a state seeped in rich history and and has a wide range of landscapes. We've got marshes, beaches, mountains, and the midlands. If you like the beach you would want to see Charleston or Myrtle Beach. Charleston is the most sophisticated and cosmopolitan city in S.C. and Mt. Pleasant is one of the nicest towns too. Myrtle Beach is a tacky tourist attraction and sucks even worse now that the Pavillion is gone. Charleston has good shopping and you can find designer stores all along King Street and on Saturday mornings you can visit The Market to buy local crafts like sweetgrass baskets. Other good places to visit in S.C. are Hilton Head and Kiawah Island which both have good golfing. Columbia is the state capital but isn't that fun but Camden is a cool little town sort of similar to Charleston (just minus the beach). But no matter where you go in S.C. you will always experience our Southern charm and hospitality...except if you're from Ohio.
Johnny Ohio: Man I hate South Carolina! I hate all the people and their accents and the obsession with sweet tea and grits! I think I will contuinously complain about South Carolina and compare it to Ohio every damn second!
Native: Why did you move here then? You clog up our highways, litter our beaches, and destroy our wetlands. You complain about everything we do and try to change our way of life. If you hate us as much as we hate your Yankee asses why did you come here?
Johnny Ohio: Uhh...well...ummm...
Native: G.B.T.O.
by Carolina Girly June 25, 2008
The state i live in. contrary to what seems to be the popular belief not all the people that live in the state of South Carolina are "Hicks", and the upstate is not "backwoods". i live in Greenville (located in the upstate) and it is one of the larget cities in the state. The school district of Greenville county is also the best in the state. The reason the state has such a low graduation rate is because we have some of the toughest academic standards in the nation. we also have one of the toughest exit exams in the county.
South Carolina is the best state ever.
by BCMD August 07, 2007
A state the holds many attractions, ranging from mountains to beaches. Interesting and friendly people are everywhere and many important historical happenings took place here. It was one of the original thirteen colonies!
George Washington once said South Carolina was one of the most tree barren wastelands he had ever seen :(
by Shimblecrook December 28, 2008
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