The worst state in the united states. The schools are ranked the lowest in the country, people cannot half way speak proper english because they talk like they have shit in their mouths. The summers are horrible because it is hot and humid. There are absolutely no emission laws so you can smoke up the world with your polluting piece of shit, therefore creating more pollution-the air thick and you would be lucky to ever get fresh air, and the air always reeks of some nasty smelling shit. They say there is alot of charm and southern hospitality, bullshit, all it is is southern hostility. There are no truly nice people down here. They are only nice when they have to be. Customer service sucks ass!!! South carolinians dont have manners- they hardly say "thank you" or "please." The only reason some people like this state b/c they were born and raised in it and they unforunately dont know any better. There are way too many young women popping out kids here. The average 21 year old has minimum of 3 kids, living off of uncle sam, bitch about having to work the little bit they have so they can maintain benefits, while the rest of the population that have to work their asses off to pay taxes for these scum bag ass bitches. They only have these kids for a paycheck and they always act like their kids are a pain in their ass, showing them no love, and you wonder why there are gangs and so much crime in south carolina?! All the people here are ugly and inbred. There is absolutely no pretty scenery-there is nothing adventurious to do except for watching the crappy college football gamecocks, which by the way, all of their paraphenlia is splattered all over peoples cars and they suck ass! That is the only thing people get excited about down here which I think is very lame. There are the shitty blue laws which prevents you from buying stuff you really need and you have to plan your life around it. Southerners are stuck on calling the northerners "yankees" and how they think the south rules the world. Stupid confederate flags are flown everywhere. Everything is snail paced- people do not know how to drive and what is so hard about using your signal??????? Staying down here too long will make you stupid. South carolinians think their "homecooked" "southern cooked" meals are the shit. It will make you sick. It consists of barbeque or fried chicken collards cornbread and mac and cheese.
In south carolina this is a 12th grade class level? Out west this would be considered an 8th grade level.

South carolinians think the gamecocks are real football players and a real football team??? HAHAHAHHAHA

Come on billy jo, lets go huntin and shoot at some clay pigeons and afterwards go to my barn and fuck some sheep. baaaaaa
by SC Hater August 06, 2006
Top Definition
The Secession State. The Palmetto State. Home of the Revolution.
South Carolina is the secession state.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 20, 2005
The greatest state ever! Beautiful beaches! Southern Charm! Pearls, sweet tea, grits, bow ties, palmetto trees, shagging! Most importantly, charming manners.
South Carolina is a delightful place!
by Lizzie November 14, 2003
Although the uplands area is a bit "backwoods", it is a wonderful state full of friendly people and incredible views (after all, it is the state of "smiling faces, beautiful places". In how many other places are you no more than three hours from beach or mountains from ANYWHERE in the state...?
Here's a news flash for everyone: REDNECKS, unfortunately, inhabit all 50 states from California to Maine
by scot d August 12, 2005
A small, southern state in what can be considered the Old South. One of the first 13 colonies, South Carolina had an important part in both the American Revolution and the American Civil War. South Carolina plays a less important part in the overall of the United States in contemporary history, but its major cities: Columbia, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach, are still somewhat vivid. The Upstate is a hilly region, but it becomes more regular until it hits the sea. The "Lowcountry", as the long strip of oceanside land is called, is very flat and has a subtropical climate. Many of South Carolina's cities and towns are very pleasant, but some areas still pertain to the sterotypes branded to its people.
I will visit South Carolina one day, but not very soon.
by MeGaBiTe2000 December 07, 2006
The state we live in. Sometimes we hate it, sometimes we love it. Statistically, it sucks.

Where we live (in the upstate), yes, it is populated by hicks who tote guns, stack junk cars by the hundreds in their front yards, and give 10% of their income to their local baptist church to get the preacher a new gas-guzzling SUV.

The lowcountry, however, is quite charming, from what we've seen.
All we have to say is thank god for Mississippi.
by Raven and Anne July 06, 2004
South Carolina, you may think it's entirely full of rednecks and well....people in touch with their more primative roots. And you'd be mostly right. However, most of the Lowcountry is nothing like this. Charleston, Beaufort, and Hilton Head are super nice places with a calm laid back atmosphere, nice beaches, and nice people.
Jennie and Molly went downtown to King Street to eat lunch, get a drink at Starbucks, and pick up a new Lacoste Shirt
by SC October 30, 2004
The best damn state out there
South Carolina whups mutha f****** above this post
by magoo June 07, 2003
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