A town with more bars than churches and schools combined. And where the exceptable form of everyday entertainment is to go to the american legion post and drink every night of the week. Bringing your kids along to play pool is also common.
"Lets go down to the Legion in South Bend and drink and hussle pool kids!"
by Einstein White January 08, 2009
a craphole town where fun goes to die,people come to get high and shoot.the only thing were known for is notre dame fighting irish which hate us so much they became there own town(this is true). and also home to the washington panthers which is only known for there girls basketball team.only 5-10 minute drive to michigan(depending which way you take)
"what are you doing tonight?"
"oh nothing"
"thats right we live in south bend"
by honkey cracka March 12, 2009
One of those declining Rust Belt cities of the Great Lakes region located in far northern Indiana along I-80. It is the cultural, commercial and transportation center of the Michiana region.

South Bend isn't that bad. It lies in a strategic area of the Midwest and is a little over 2 hours from Chicago, maybe 2 and-a-half from Indianapolis, and maybe 3 hours or so from Detroit. Besides, it is at least a nice college town and home to the Fighting Irish of the University of Notre Dame.
South Bend may be considered a Rust Belt city of the Great Lakes but it is a descent place to live nonetheless.
by krock1dk March 03, 2008
A city in northern Indiana and my mutha fuckin hometown.
South Bend is the shit
by leatherface1999 September 30, 2006

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