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Out of all the Barringtons, this is the most "new money" of them all. It also has the most wealthy Asians in Cook County and possibly the whole Chicago area. It seems like all the rich Asians from Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates are moving to South Barrington to get away from the Asians and Hispanics who are ONLY "upper-middle class".
Dude, have you been to South Barrington? It is so rich and unaffected by the recession that they might as well call it South Asia.
by northwestallday November 20, 2010
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the most ethnically diverse section of barrington in that there are rich brown people, rich asian people and rich white people all living together having money fights while the children talk about how they will become doctors or lawyers just like their parents.
Me:Dad can i take the Mercedes? i want to hang out with my brown friends? we also might go over to a friend's house to make roti, i won't stay too long because their house wreaks of curry
Dad: of course, there is no other way to get around south barrington
by fourtimes December 31, 2012
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