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A place where stoners live and roam. A place where if you want to get weed, you can yell out your bedroom window and it will be there in less than 5. A place where you can go get drunk at a bowling alley basically for free because the owner is smashed all the time and doesn't give a shit. A place where if you want to get laid, you go to the blue house with the white picket fence. A place where drugs come cheap and beer comes free. A place where i am ashamed to say i live. A place where you cant go one block without having a pedophile come out of his house and chase you in his mini van. A place were old men offer you candy when its not Halloween....(pedos)... A place where your either hardcore criminal or a model citizen. A place were you should never do shrooms because there is to much sketchy shit going on 25/8. A place where i suggest you never come.
Cop: sir(south superior folk), what are you smoking?
South Superior folk: a joint, wanna take a hit?
by snowsk8filthmonster69 January 21, 2012
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