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A school in the middle of what seems like the middle of no where, but really turns out to be... the middle of no where.Though moments away from the bustling city of Louisville, there is still nothing, and will be nothing to do here for a long period of time, due to the nature of the small town of Crestwood. Unless you like paying to play videogames after school (at The Game Lounge) or paying to shoot your rifle/pistol at OpenRange Gun Range after school (come on now, it's KENTUCKY) then you wont love SOHS. Oh! and dont forget the Great football team! And their most memerable (quoted) chant, "0 and 10, never again!" The marching band is actually successfull, but the band kids participate in what nearly seems like inbred intercourse with each other much too often. And though outsiders may be surprised by all the cliques and friend circles SOHS DOESNT have, an outsider wont see the reality that there are cliques and friend circles. Also, make sure and leave your Weed at home. The drug dogs WILL find the weed you hid in the arm rest of your car. Or behind the books you stashed in your locker. They're DRUGDOGS. The Practically have weed vision. They dont even know what color weed is! And racism is only tolerated if you're black.
Counselor: Hello, and welcome to South Oldham High School!

Prospective Student: Ahhh shit... I'd rather a mountain ram do me in the ass with it's devilish sandpaperhorns.
by W716 January 08, 2011
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