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A back woods little village in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia...it consists of drunks, druggies, racists, wife beaters, welfare recipents, and other low lifes. It is a Trailer Park, minus the trailers...and actually there are a few trailers, come to think of it...If you know "you might be a red neck..." you know this place. The outcasts of Yarmouths infamous South End won't even move there...it truely is the pimple on the asshole of time.
"South Ohio, the only place where you can get headlights for your rusted out piece of shit vehicle, in exchange for a case of beer...hell we'll even help you install them, for more beer."
by spanky mcmuffin January 19, 2009
It's not a drug town, its a place where lots of old people live.
Lets retire in south ohio
by butch08 December 26, 2010