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The fabulous "ghetto-esque" city located near Los Angeles and between the city of Lynwood and Watts. Often misconceived as "Little Mexico" South Gate is a bustling city filled with the wonders of Latin/Hispanic culture and sexually active teens. Trends tend to come late in South Gate due to their lack of connectivity with the outside urban world.
Person 1: Wow... so this is South Gate huh...
Person 2: Yeah can't you tell? That kid with the boxes of Condoms is skating with those shutter shades on
Person 1:...Isn't that a dead fad everywhere else?
Person 2: Welcome to South Gate, California homie.
by RedClamz February 25, 2011
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a ghetto little city next to lynwood california that is so full of hispanics that you'd hardly believe you're still in the united states, the kids are all so sexually active that most middle schoolers are already pregnant. the city is full of uneducated people and very bad drivers.
no right turn from the left lane you south gate driver!

person 1: look at how young that pregnant girl is.
person 2: oh she's just a south gate-ian.

this is south gate, california right? feels more like little mexico.
by jenny mclean September 23, 2008
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