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A prison located in the middle of NOWHERE, also called Meffingham. If you want to know what a whore is, just come meet the students. Half of the school is redneck hillbillies & the other half is either pot heads, 'scrate up' thugs or Patels. Their class of 2013 has set the world record for the most backstabbing two faced SLUTS, Congrats! This school is known for making the growth rate sky rocket. Our sports teams might as well give up, the mustangs will never 'stampede to victory'. The teachers are all lame douchers & well, the school just sucks all together.
OB/GYN: "So where does your daughter go to school?"
Mother: "South Effingham High School"
OB/GYN: "Ooooeee, I'll setup an appointment asap!!!!"
by Meggglessss :) March 22, 2010
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