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You might go to South Carroll if:

If you're a male, and you have more respect for your shoes, than you do the teachers.
If you're a female, and you have more faces than a game of Guess Who.
If your mathematics teacher acts like they have a rusty pole up their arse.
If you weren't clever enough to understand what "arse" meant.
If your vagina is as loose as you are on the weekends.
If you watch jersey shore.
If you get a spray tan, and think you look like an irresistible mother fucker.
If your phone battery lasts longer than your relationships.
If you're a complete dumbass.
If you think wearing snapbacks makes you some type of god.
If you think your punkass is better than everyone else.
If you contradict yourself really bad, to the point where you confuse the fuck out of people.(Being racist, yet listening to a black rap artist. Or being a hick, and saying "Yo" and "Dawg" like you're from the projects.)
If your GPA is either 4.0 OR 1.6.
If you're arrogant.
If you're wearing a belt, and people can still see your ass.
If you have a dick, and all you talk about is dick; while being straight.
If you're judgmental.
If you complain about receiving no respect from others, while you treat people like they are the scum on the bottom of your high heels. ...You cunt.
If your uptight booty is offended by any of this.

And if you are insulted by these statements, smd.
~Shake my dick.
Becky: Omfg. Someone just got suspended.
Brittany: Why?
Brittany:Bitch, we go to South Carroll High School, duh.
by BitchesInABlanket July 16, 2012
You might go to South Carroll if:

If you have masturbated in the school's bathroom.
If you're a redneck.
If you're a whore.
If you weigh less than 100lbs.
If you drink Moonshine, and think you're a badass. (No.)
If your friends are either skanky bitches and/or raging douchebags
If you're racist.
If you're homophobic.
If you draw a penis on everything you see.
If you smoke weed like you drink water.
If you wear shorts so small, it looks like they are eating your flat ass.
If you think sports are more important than life itself.
If you're so tan, that you look like a fucking oompa loompa.
If you wear so much makeup, that it looks like Crayola gang banged your face.
If you are of the "white" ethnicity.
If there is more dick in your personality, than you have on your body.
If you do drugs anywhere and everywhere in the building, but don't give two fucks.
If your uptight booty is offended by any of this.

And if you are insulted by these statements, smd.
~Shake my dick.
Tom: What school do you go to?
Jerry:South Carroll High School.
Tom: LOL.
Jerry: Go fuck yourself.
by BitchesInABlanket July 16, 2012

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