Simple, good all around town. SoBoTransplant is probably a crazy goon. Don't listen to him/her. We may not be the richest people but we are happy with what we have. btw SoBoTransplant: Nobody is making ur dumbass stay here so get your snooty ass to the "big ole city"
South Boston, VA is a small town.
by Landon B. March 14, 2011
Top Definition
Small town where everyone knows everyone. An all around wonderful place to grow up, where one never sees absolute poverty or extradornary wealth. It is where one has a past, present, and furture with friends and family. A place where it is common to have known someone since birth, and go from the preschool thru college with someone.
A place where people know and understand who you are and why you are that way.
by uvasoboman March 22, 2005
A small town in the middle of no where that does not welcome everyone as they claim to. If you are not from here you are an outsider.

They are some of the poorest people I have ever seen; some live without running water or electricity. So don't let anyone tell you there isn't poverty or extreme wealth, b/c I've seen that too.
If you aren't from South Boston, VA, then don't bother. I wish I never did and now I am stuck!
by SoBoTransplant February 29, 2008
Overall, its a great place. Eveerybody knows everybody and everybody pretty much calls u a friend. People down here are cool as hell. Those Northerners look down on us but we got something they don't have, and thats hospitality. Northerners wish they were like us, but too bad they ain't.
A person from South Boston, VA will hold a door open for you and say please, thank you, your welcome, sir and mam. I get here at college, these northerners don't wanna do that. They think they are better than us.
by Hatch November 17, 2005
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