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When a person, feels like not washing themselfs, they develop a sour genital smell to them.
The old man walked onto the subway, and he smells like a sourdick.
by bob-ann April 14, 2009
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When a male genitalia penetrates the anal cavity to such an extent inwhich it passes through the hydrochloric acid contained within the stomach which then reaches to the oral orifice of the receiver such that the reciever is able to taste the "sour dick"
Ex 1- Doug knew he had only seconds to live when he could taste the "sour dick"

Ex 2- Tyrone surely rustled Maria's jimmies when he whispered in her ear "I'm gonna lay the 'sour dick' upon your tight ass" *Maria's funeral was held 2 days later*
by Cap'n Ric the Dic January 14, 2017
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