The opposite of "sweeeet". Usually used to make the other person thinking about how stupid it is to say "sweet" all the time.
Person 1: Man those shoes are sweeeettt.
Person 2: Sour.

Person 1 left thinking how stupid he is for using the word sweet in that way.
by KKL May 29, 2006
a punkass attitude deserving of bytchslaps aplenty. an attitude which makes those with it believe the world owes them everything.
drop the SOUR attitude and pull ya weight!
by shanirok November 15, 2003
short for Sound Of the Underground Records
Originally called DJ Only Records, SOUR Records was formed in 1993 by the Trinity crew as a creative outlet for the group of friends musical ideas. Initial releases were hip hop in style but soon the labels music evolved into the Jungle / Drum and Bass you hear today.
by bro4e January 27, 2009
The opposite of sweet. Comes from the late 70's philosophy that all things in life are either simply sweet, or simply sour, or sweet and sour.
Preceded with "oh so" in extreme cases of sourness.
That was sour when it rained while we were playing golf.
Oh so sour, don't fart in the car!
by Graank February 04, 2006
similar to "Sweet"
hot, tasty, good, excellent, fine
She was so sweet she was sour!
by el jefe October 01, 2003
#sour. that's all.
22:10 * Now talking in #sour

sour kru is da rip mastahz.
by multiplexer June 21, 2004
a different word for sorry can only be used if followed by brotha or nigga
im so sour brotha-nigga i didnt know she was yo sister
by yo momma III February 22, 2003
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