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A very good and addictive candy.
Normal Skittles coated with a very sour white sugary powder (citric acid?).

The powder is painful if you have a cut in your mouth, and if you eat many it seems to sort of irritate the skin.
I ate some Sour Skittles.
by madept June 28, 2004
A sour and addictive candy, but not as sour as warheads. Sour skittles have the flavors of real skittles, but are topped with a load of sour sugar. They are very yummy and addictive, but if you have a ton of them, your tongue kind of gets numb and it is a weird after affect, but they are really good~!
Fifi- Why are you eating soooo many sour skittles?! They're so sour.

Philip- They're addictive and i love them... and yes they are pretty sour.
by jlovesj<3 June 08, 2011

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