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Pussy that has gone sour through not being pounded. Without use the enzymes inside the vagina being mixed up by a good pounding the vagina will go off and cause a general souring of the pussy and surrounding tissue (woman).

Women most at risk : Rich, old, birds.
Sour Pussy Sufferer : The service was sub-par and the food here is atrocious, no one will ever eat at your restaurant… oh my, oh dear.

Restauranteur : I’m sorry your husband is off with some twenty year old. Nuff said. <Insert high five with nearest 20 something year old male>.
by AaronTodd July 26, 2006
1. someone who is being extremely sour about everything and really bringing down the people around them. Like a sourpuss only worse.
2. a person who doesnt eat enough pineapple.
1. Arielle, stop being a sourpussy and just trick-or-treat with us already.
2. Amanda did not eat her pineapple this morning, and therefore she is in a bad mood.. and has a terrible odor coming from downunder
by love always, jessie April 13, 2004
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