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The act of cupping your hand around your asshole, farting, then carrying the stench still in your cupped hand to the mouth/nose area of someone you dislike.
Playah: "Hey bitch, you want a soup bowl?"
(soup bowls victim)
Victim: "ARGGGGGGGH!!"
by Malio December 21, 2003
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When a girl finishes a guy by riding on top, (sans condom) and just after, pushes out his present into his own belly button, resembling a bowl of warm chowder.
Franky was so pissed last night, he got off too fast so I soup bowl'd him.
by sllysllygurl July 12, 2011
An extremely bad hair-cut normally resulting from a very bad fade job from the barber. The finishing look of this type of haircut resembles the appearance of someone placing a bowl on top of ones head and cutting all the way around the bowl.
A kid walks into the lunchroom with a bad haircut. All of a sudden someone yells, SOUP BOWL. Laughter is spread throughout ther entire lunchroom as the kid walks out in shame.
by Snake164jr February 10, 2013
noun; a synonym for an underbite, usually big enough to carry around a cauldron of soup, thus giving you the definition, soupbowl. People with soupbowls, usually look like drooling, autistic, bulldogs. Their lower jaw hangs out so far, that if t hey were under an umbrella, it would stick out and catch rain like a gutter.
Jacob: "Woahh, check out that girls giant underbite!"

Gaby: "I know! It's practically a soupbowl!"

Her soupbowl was so enormous, that people often made fun of her, calling her the crimson chin.
by mryork December 08, 2009
A woman who just had group sex
1- Why is Becky walking so funny
2- She has a soup bowl between her legs
by BAHAHAQUEEN262 April 04, 2011
A dirty sounding, imaginary sexual position. It is meant to leave to one's imagination what that position might look like.
Two guys are walking down the street. They pass a girl and one of them says to the other "See that girl? I'd like to bend her over that park bench and soupbowl her."

Two guys buy a prositute in Nevada one night. Bragging to their buddies about it when they go back home one of them says, "Johnny here tea bagged and soupbowled the hooker we bought in Vegas."

by goatboy25 January 26, 2007

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