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Person 1: What’d you do last night?
Person 2: I drove down to Pooler to check out the rave in the old Crispy Chix warehouse down on Tater Peeler. Steve was there in LED JNCOs and spinning a burning Poi Ball on a chain. We danced to DJ Freeze remixes and then Shev gave me a windmill. Tami passed out on the turntables after doing a sick Weave and Corkscrew. I woke up this morning with a Vick’s inhaler up my butt and a Kraftwerk song in my head. It smelled like hell.
Person 1: Man that sounds like hell. Spin that Frankie Bones.

Person 1: Man, I just went to subway to get a Mernaise Footlong from Plumer and Basil and I picked up the newest 11th Hour. Terry n Krystal are in The Seen at Retrievers doing body shots off of Dirty Rick!
Person 2: That sounds like hell.
by Julie Warner April 23, 2008
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