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'Soumen' is a Bengali male name, which means 'Best(King) among the beautiful people'.'Soumen' is derived from 'Soumendra' which is obtained by joining of two words : 'Soumya'(means Beautiful) and 'Indra'(means The Greatest, The King).
My name is Soumen.
by soum91 June 27, 2011
The monkey who got stuck at the final evolution barrier and therefore, is the highest evolved monkey and the least evolved homo sapien. Turns out the only thing it is good at is playing that 6 string instrument known as guitar.
Look at him. When he talks, it seems his IQ levels are always at an all time low but when he plays guitar, he becomes God. Must be a "Soumen" specie.
by Hoyex4 October 09, 2011
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