A total faggot. Can't rap for dog shit, and every little girl LOVES him even though his music is shit.

Me: Faggot.
by Wordpad Sucks January 06, 2008
the gayest 'rapper' ever to set foot on the planet earth.

lyrics consist of


now how did that get him on a cd?
I just got my report card, and it had all F's. so i went to my teacher and told em to throw some D's on it

- soulja boy
by pkm February 24, 2008
a douche bag who thinks he can rap, rap is dying because of this dickhead.
retarded soulja boy fan: look at me, i listen to a guy that sounds like timmy from south park
by hispanic ninja April 18, 2008
Noun. 1. Derivitive from the term "homosexual rapper". Someone that bats for the other team. A form of southern rap urban fudge packer. 2. An insect, bug eyed looking pre-teen virgin African boy living with his mother producing rap music in between masturbation sessions.
Danny got drunk, passed out and Sebastian soulja boy'd him (He "supaman" Danny in the buttocks). Danny got drafted to the other team unwillingly. Poor Danny.
by Thai M. December 07, 2007
a hoe ass nigga that cant rap, dance, and talks about fighting but would get knocked tha fuk out by one hit
"Yo you herd that new song by soulja boy?"
"Yeah, hes a bitch, dog."
by real_hip_hop January 09, 2008
"Rap" for ignorant white people.
12-year-old suburbanite Stacey Johnson LOVES to superman hoes...SOULJA BOY!
by Drama_King March 11, 2008
For all true haters of hip-hop, he is the messiah. The epitome of corporate puppetry.
Soulja Boy is here to ruin urban music.
by M@1224 December 09, 2007
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