A total faggot. Can't rap for dog shit, and every little girl LOVES him even though his music is shit.

Me: Faggot.
by Wordpad Sucks January 06, 2008
the gayest 'rapper' ever to set foot on the planet earth.

lyrics consist of


now how did that get him on a cd?
I just got my report card, and it had all F's. so i went to my teacher and told em to throw some D's on it

- soulja boy
by pkm February 24, 2008
a douche bag who thinks he can rap, rap is dying because of this dickhead.
retarded soulja boy fan: look at me, i listen to a guy that sounds like timmy from south park
by hispanic ninja April 18, 2008
Noun. 1. Derivitive from the term "homosexual rapper". Someone that bats for the other team. A form of southern rap urban fudge packer. 2. An insect, bug eyed looking pre-teen virgin African boy living with his mother producing rap music in between masturbation sessions.
Danny got drunk, passed out and Sebastian soulja boy'd him (He "supaman" Danny in the buttocks). Danny got drafted to the other team unwillingly. Poor Danny.
by Thai M. December 07, 2007
"Rap" for ignorant white people.
12-year-old suburbanite Stacey Johnson LOVES to superman hoes...SOULJA BOY!
by Drama_King March 11, 2008
a hoe ass nigga that cant rap, dance, and talks about fighting but would get knocked tha fuk out by one hit
"Yo you herd that new song by soulja boy?"
"Yeah, hes a bitch, dog."
by real_hip_hop January 09, 2008
A hugely popular(though nobody knows why) source of entertainment for preschoolers and retards, Soulja Boy is a intellectual who excels in teaching the ancient art of "Crankin' Dat". Now, you too can learn how to Crank Dat with Soulja's time-tested method:

See Soulja Boy crank it. See Soulja roll.
"Watch me crank it, mommy," says Soulja. "Now watch me roll."
Mommy sees Soulja do. So should you.
See Soulja crank it. See Soulja roll. "Watch me, you."
Mommy sees Soulja do. So should you.

What does Soulja Boy crank?
See Soulja crank that RoboCop.
See Soulja jock on those haters. Soulja doesn't like haters.
See him crank that Roosevelt. Now see him roll.

What does Soulja like?
Soulja likes that hoe. Soulja likes Superman.
See Soulja imagine. Soulja imagines he could see Superman with that hoe.
See haters hate. See Soulja jock on them haters.
See Soulja see Superman with his hoe. Haters are jocked by Soulja.
Soulja doesn't like English language. See English language be jocked.
See Soulja do... again

Soulja does many things, Soulja do.
See Soulja bouncing. He's bouncing on his toe. His toe gets numb.
See Soulja's water gun. Soulja super soaks his hoe. The hoe get wet. It rusts.
Soulja Boy doesn't like his hoes rusty. He gets a new hoe. He cranks it with Superman.
See Superman and Soulja cranking it.

Superman and Soulja Boy are cranking it. They are cranking it on their hoes.
See Soulja boy, you. Now see him, you. Now see him roll.
Now watch him, DOOOOOOOOOO. Crank that.
See Soulja Boy shoot Superman.

See Soulja state "Screw Superman, shit's so skanky"
See Soulja not Superman dat ho' no mo'. Now see him roll.
See him crank that Spiderman on that ho'. Now see him roll again.
All this rolling is making Soulja Boy dizzy. See Soulja take a vicodin.
See Soulja roll. See Soulja trip. See Soulja fall. See Soulja Boy finally shut up and DIIIEEEEE!!!
by kittycatgirl May 05, 2008

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