i fuckin hate soulja boy he is the biggest piece of shit i have ever seen, his new song "crank dat", is the most annoyin and repetitive song i have ever heard, its the same fuckin lyrics over and over again nd the only gd thing about this is that he is going to be another one of them rapper that comes and goes, nd am thankful for that
i fuckin hate soulja boy so much, i mean he lives with his parents
by brumble January 07, 2008
The death of hip hop.
Do youuuuuuuu remember when Soulja Boy killed hip hop?

- Yes, it was a tragic day for all of us.

by siks78 January 02, 2008
A perfectly good example why Nas said rap is dead.
Soulja Boy: Nevermind aids man!! I got a new dance for yall!
by BloopPPPER January 22, 2008
The guy who ruined hip-hop.
Hi, I can't spell "Soldier".
-Soulja Boy
by Soulja' boy is not good April 19, 2009
Payback for slavery
If we never brought them over on the banana boats we wouldn't have to listen to Soulja Boy's shitty music.
by Down With Soulja Boy July 11, 2008
A whack ass rapper from the south who's got shitty lyrics and has the most f***d up song out called "crank dat".
Just listen to his song,soulja boy "crank dat"
by Dubble R December 04, 2007
Quite possibly one of the worst rappers of all time! In fact he is so bad that he makes 50 Cent look like a genius which is an achivement since 50 Cent is a goddam medicore rapper! His songs are supposed to be 'upbeat, party-themed music that avoids the negative, violent image' but is in actual fact filled with sexual innuendo and simplistic lyrics that a 5-year kid could write!

His target audience seem to be dumb ass chavs/wiggers who think that'Crank Dat' is the best thing since sliced bread and that any who doesn't like Solja Boy are 'haters' who are jealous of his ability to make money....(Yeah right!)
Soulja Boy fanboy: "Dat new Soulja Boy song iz straight crack blud! Itz betta than that rock shit that don't bang in da club..."

Me: "STFU you retard!"

by eonerf April 26, 2008

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