a sexy man... that KNOWS how to rap.. not like all you other muthafuckers that think hes gay
ok.. you ppl are crazy if you think soulja boy is bad
by soulja chick December 27, 2007
the hottest male rapper out ther
Girl:yo Soulja Boy is so hot i want him to do me
by Angel got a problem Bitch November 18, 2007
Nate Mathews, a 17 years old rapper from Mississippi, usually raps about adolencence,females, or what he's dancing or wearing. Soulja Boy is probably most famous for his son Yahh Bitch Yahh, it is also presumed on his website Souljaboytellem.com that he will be performing I got Me SomeBapes with fellow rapper Young Jibbs. Soulja Boy's style though, changed on the release of his new album unsigned and still rockkin shows in which he seemed to rap about more seriuos topics, such as the rap song dedicated to his long relationship with his girlfriend. Mathews has been mentioned by many others such superstar Busta Rhymes} busta stated that "when groupies appear to my shows I be like says yahh bitch! Like my nigga Soulja" Soulja Boy is very young as he is talented.
Hey soulja boy can i get a ri-Yahh Bitch Yahh
by Kassim May 14, 2007
real name DeAndre Cortez Way is a sexy new up and coming rapper wit hits like crank dat soulja boy and soulja gurl.he has a huge internet fan base and his debut song was #1 on da billboard charts for 7 consecutive wks.all u dumb mutha fuckaz keep writin he lives wit his parents DUHH u dumb bitch he jus turned 17 in july wut da fuck u expect.whoeva wrote his name wuz nate or mathew or wuteva da fuck u wrote get it right.DEANDRE CORTEZ WAY! i wont yall bitch ass hataz to give me a thumbs down cuz yall got a thumb stuck up yall ASSES! Yall need to stop hate 'n' on my homie soulja boy n get a life.God Bless.Thanx YUUUUUAAAAHHHHHHH!
dumb ass: soulja boy is a ugly-ass lame dat cant rap me: u dumb bitch he look betta den yo hermaphrodite ass he hyphy az a mutha fucka
by $OULJA GURL November 10, 2007
17 year old boy from the south. Most popular song so far " Crank Dat Soulja Boy " became a hit, other rappers started using the Crank Dat as the beginning such as " Crank Dat Lion King " and " Crank Dat Spiderman ". Also fine as hell!
Oh my gad did you see Soulja Boy last night at da concert?!
by Caralynn October 02, 2007
Soulja Boy is a sexy young boy from the dirty dirty and he makes fire tracks like " booty meat ", " joccin on yo bitch ass " and " just got my report card ". As of today he's only internet, pretty soon he should be going radio and then making dem videos. Because ooooh his songs is crunk as hell, and with his energy I can see him recieveing dem big ol' fancy awards. He also has a really good friend named Arab. You can hear him on some of those tracks.
I love me soulja boy
I know you do
by Alaysia April 24, 2007

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