a young rapper who sings crazy but crunk songs like yahh bitch, doo doo head, and blow my booty hole. 17 years old and from mississippi.
hey soulja boy can I.....YAHHHH BITCH YAHHHH!!
by k.l.g. March 14, 2007
An african american "rap star" made famous by his many online videos of his original songs. Most famous is "Crank dat soulja boy".

A perfect example of modern Hip-hip/gangsta rap/R & B/ just plain rap. Soulja Boy does this by following the simple laws of Hip Hop:

1: Thou shalt covet golds
2: Thou shalt tap "bitches" and "Hoes"
3: Thou shalt loudly proclaim your accomplisments of the earlier phrased by use of repetitive auxilary percusion (found on playschool pianos) or RAP
4: Thou shalt use the money, or golds to purchase more bitches and hoes
5: Repeat the above untill shot or arrested.
Man, soulja boy is a hip-hop god.

No he ain't he's a poser. All he does is claim he lives in the "ghetto" and has it ruff.

You mean like all other hip hop "Artists".

Hellz no, now give me da golds. I like dem Golds. 'Specially dem teefs.

by Dr. Ebonics December 12, 2007
ya sum motha fukers dhat dnt kno shyt about hip or rap i bet ya b crakers soulja boy iz one of dha biqqests wit hiz latest sonqss soulja qurl nd kisz me thru dha fone!!!
dhat dha shyttttttt
""""Baby you know that I miss you, I wanna get with you tonight
But I cannot baby girl and that's the issue
Girl you know I miss you, I just wanna kiss you
But I can't right now so baby kiss me thru the phone, I'll see you later on
Kiss me thru the phone, see you when I get home""""


""You gotta walk it out, to be my Soulja Girl
I can take you out and pimpin' you out yeah I done told ya girl
Hit da mall wit me, come ball wit me from Monday to Sunday
I know we young but everybody fall in love someday"""
"soulja boy"
by MiMi_chonqa_01 March 29, 2009
A Southern rapper who sings "Crank Dat", "Yahh!", "Snap and Roll", "Report Card", "Soulja Girl", and many other big songs. His first album came out in 2007 and he's been a big hit ever since.
Sidney: Did you hear Soulja Boy's newest jam, "Pass It To Arab"?
Keyshia: Yeah, I'm lookin it up on itunes right now. I gotta get this!
by VoiceOfTheYoungPeople May 23, 2008
A person of the U.S. military categorized as one who is fond of saltine crackers and jazz music. Aside from exhibiting such qualities, a "soulja boy" also enjoys picking lilacs and ocasionally "cranking dat" with friends while discussing the philosophy of Aristotle.
"duuude, did you see that soulja boy attend the modern art gala? dat was so sick!!"
"say what?!?!!?"
by david poo October 19, 2007
Soulja boy is the best rapper Ever he got famous by his song Crank dat and his album souljaboytellem.com went platinum now hes working on his second album Isouljaboy.net
thats beimg realesed December 16, 2008
- marcus Have you heard the new single from Soulja boy??

- lisa: wich one Bird walk or "turn my swag on"

- marcus: bird walk
by YoungSouth October 24, 2008
usually has his name in his song title who's songs makes you want to get up and do yo groove
MAN i just want to dance to soulja boy! crank that music up!!
by T-rexyo July 10, 2008

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