some asshole who tried raping my childhood by making a rap song about dragonball Z, but upon realizing that his song is full of failure and semen, i stopped caring and went back to loving DBZ. ya know? what if Akira Toriyama went Super Saiyan and Kamehameha'd him to death on a crowded street. that would be awesome.
"Soulja boy":"bitch i look like goku!"
by Mofo Mark December 12, 2010
An erected penis due to extensive "cranking that". Mostly used by wack boys trying to impress girls by doing the dance more or less a mateing call
"Soulja boy up in that hoe"
"watch me do that soulja boy and superman that hoe"
by dfb17 November 07, 2007
1.not even a rapper, a looser who is effing up the rap game for the rest of us.
2. someone who cant spell.
3. someone with a disorder that makes you repete yourself multiple times for absolutely no reason.
sounds like a broken record
4. another rich kid with saggy pants that told his parents he wants to rap and got a studio with a snap of his fingers
5. EVERY posers favorite rapper.
RADIO(PLAYING "i got me sum bathin apes by soulja boy):
i got me some bathin apes
i go, i got me some bathin apes
i go, i got me some bathin apes
i go, i got me some bathin apes
i go, i got me some bathin apes...........

dude is the cd scratched?

naw man its playin just fine, cant u tell man this shits awsome.

umm no this shits gay.
by OGRE TheMuthaFucka June 06, 2009
soulja who?
10 years from now no ones gonna remember this bitch
Soulja boy why don't you go doing something useful. Like die.
by coltsdude May 22, 2009
A gay jigaboo who enjoys "cranking that ho" and likes to sing bad music. Hey is also dyslexic and has 13 kinds of tourettes Eg.

Soulja boy up in dis ho
Wind me crank this watch me roll
wind me crank that soulja boy
Then superman that ho!
Now i mean YOuuuuu!

What a tool

Soulja boy needs to fuck his mother several times in the anus, If i was soulja boys mum i would: "Superman that ho" (shoot him in the head"

1 Celebrity 2 Slave 3 Place
Me (fully sick cunt): YO SOULJA BOY! Give me your autograph!
Me: Shutup jigaboo.

Slave1: Hey Soulja boy
Soulja Boy: YOUUUUUUU!!! wait, whats your name again?
Slave1: *rolls Eyes*

Me(Fully sick): Hey man lets get out of this soulja boy!
Person:yeah, Fuck this; Lets superman that ho.

Also a gay Poojabber He has a chocolate face.
by Nathan the fully sick cunt August 27, 2008
1. The music artist who creates songs that suck, only so that other bands can remake them into something good.

2. The reason we are all thankful for remakes/remixes.

3. The new phrase for "mentally-retarded".
1. John - "Looks like Soulja Boy came out with a new song."

Bob - "Don't worry, some band will remake it into something good soon."

2. Dillon - "If i had to listen to Soulja Boy one more time.. let's just be glad the other band decided to remake his idiotic noise into music we can actually stand to listen to."

Tracy - "True that, D."

3. Stacy - "Is your brother okay?"

Joe - "No.. unfortunately they told us he's a little Soulja Boy. It's okay though, we're sending him to a special school."

Stacy - "Thats good. You can't just let him run around and mess up the english language to an annoying beat! He might end up sounding more Soulja Boy than he already does!"
by yuskjr May 22, 2009
A Rapper who is a whack rapper and a rapper that if you were to post a comment on his music video called "Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)" and said u like it someone will put a thumbs down on that comment. A rapper who cant pronounce his words corectly example: (wah me crank it wah me roah)from his first hit single garbage song CRANK DAT and stole the name Soulja boy from the origional Souljah Boy but they are both corny
Do you know that rapper soulja boy?
yea the garbage one?
by Im puttin an end to soulja boy January 29, 2009
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