Soulja boy is the best rapper Ever he got famous by his song Crank dat and his album went platinum now hes working on his second album
thats beimg realesed December 16, 2008
- marcus Have you heard the new single from Soulja boy??

- lisa: wich one Bird walk or "turn my swag on"

- marcus: bird walk
by YoungSouth October 24, 2008
The killer of hip hop and rap. An overrated rapper, you can hear his horrible song crank that soulja boy in NFL games!!!
I was listening to the Hot 97 when i heard the song crank that soulja boy... I quickly switched over to z100 and heard the song "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat! I decided to jump out the window...
by Jonathan Paul Lin December 19, 2007
Complete and utter faggot who lives with his mom and still sucks her tit. If you listen to this shit, you have no nads and hairy moobs.
dude 1: yo crank dat soulja boy
dude 2: NIGGA fuck you
by cj91 November 23, 2007
A mediocre rapper that has proven what shitty tastes in music many adolescent Americans have. He is just a young punk that thinks he's the shit because he can rap the same lines over and over again about assaulting prostitutes with bodily fluids.
T.I., Kanye West, Young Jeezy, and even 50 Cent are much better rappers than this Soulja Boy kid will ever be.
Watch me crank that Soulja Boy and superman that hoe.
Supersoak that hoe (x120408)
by qwerty9C1 November 26, 2007
The complete opposite of music.
Bitch: SoUlJa BoY uP iN dAt HoE!11
by crankdatHoe Not. January 10, 2008
An incomprehensible young african male with a speech impediment/learning disability and an IQ comparable to that of a tomato.
Soulja Boy go back to school. (Let's all Crank THAT speech impediment.)

YUUUUULE be burned out by next year.
by Smelly Taint December 27, 2007
an illiterate being with a speech disorder

soulja boy up in dis!!!
"My cousin was born with what we call a soulja boy disorder in which the human mind cannot take more than one word at a time/speech disorder"
by Hajer November 22, 2007
The guy who ruined hip-hop.
Hi, I can't spell "Soldier".
-Soulja Boy
by Soulja' boy is not good April 19, 2009

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