Soulja Boy is a perfect example of the rapid decline in the educational standards of the American music industry. Soulja Boy is also an example of the rapid decline in modern hip hop/rap.

With his new and only hit single "Crank Dat" reaching the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100, Soulja Boy has also become the number one most hated rapper.

Advantages of being a Soulja Boy:

1. No education is required
2. No talent is needed to make millions
3. Intercourse with all the 14 year old girls that listen crap music!

Disadvantages of being a Soulja Boy:

1. Your dignity and pride.

Simple steps to becoming a Soulja Boy:

1. Download a bootlegged copy of Fruity Loops Studio.
2. Claim that you bought it with your life savings to generate sympathy.
3. Open up your bootlegged copy of Fruity Loops Studio.
4. Open the demo song, remove everything but the drums.
5. Rename the song "Soulja Boy - Crank Dat"
6. Take out your mp3 player and turn on the voice recorder.
7. Say the following words in the following order: (1)"Soulja Boy" (2)"Superman" (3)"Bape" (4)"Ohhhhhh"
8. Repeat for 4 minutes, arrange it with the background music and import it to youtube.

Just remember the 3 main criterias needed for becoming the next Soulja Boy:

1) Make sure your songs don't make sense (use a maximum of 4 words in your songs)

2) Repetition is the key to saving a lot of time and dedication otherwise needed to produce a REAL song

3) Get cheap sunglasses (preferabbly from the dollar store) and white out your name on it
Haterz Get Mad Cuz
"I Got Me Some Bathin Bapes"

no we're mad cuz we have to hear your shit music coming out of everybody's headphones

When I Do Dat Soulja Boy
I Lean To The Left And Crank Dat Dance
(Now You)
I'm Jocking On Yo Bitch Ass
And If We Get The Fightin
Then I'm Cocking On Your Bitch


Haterz Wanna Be Me
Soulja Boy, I'm The Man
They Be Lookin At My Neck
Sayin Its The Rubberband Man (Man)

...running out of ideas for words that rhyme?

Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja )
Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja )
Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja )
Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja )

example of the rapid decline in the educational standards of the american music industry
by Soldout Boy November 15, 2007
Another horrible rapper from the dirty south. He's currently contributing to the murder of hip-hop.
An example of one of his half-assed songs:

"I got me some bathing apes
I got I got me some bathing apes
I go I got me some bathing apes
I got I got I got me some bathing apes"

Soulja Boy repeats that like a million times, raps a short and retarded verse, then repeats the above AGAIN.
by Billy The Man October 23, 2007
One who has absolutely no idea how to write a rap song, and instead writes one regarding ejaculating on a women's back, and sticking the bedsheets to her so that in the morning when she stands up, she wears the bedsheet like a cape, thus the very popular phrase "superman dat ho." If I personally had the opportunity to assassinate this hollow-minded 17-year old sonofabitch, I would take up on that immediately, although that is strictly hypothetical because I don't wanna get my ass tracked down by the Urban Dictionary guys and cuffed.
FAT BITCH: (while doing the Soulja Boy dance, which makes you look like you have down syndrome with a slight hue of autism)
Soulja Boy Off In This Hoe
Watch Me Crank It
Watch Me Roll
Watch Me Crank Dat Soulja Boy
Then Super Man Dat Hoe
Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja Boy)
Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja Boy)
Now Watch Me--

ME: What the fuck are you talking about, and what are you doing. That blubber-infested jig of yours is gonna burn my eyeballs to the back of my head.

FAT BITCH: It be da supaman, foo'! I'z da hottest shit out durr ryte now, y'hurd?

ME: Well, clearly, you have your head so far up your fat pimply ass that you could wear your colon as a hat. You also need to go out and pick up "Black Sunday" by Cypress Hill, "6 Feet Deep" by the Gravediggaz and "Goin' Off" by the Biz Markie because you are musically retarded.
by Chuck Laurence November 27, 2007
A rapper who has no idea what true rap is. Example of his crappiness:

1. He repeats "I got me some bathing apes" and "Hit me up on my Sidekick" a million times.
2. He likes to rap about ejaculating on girls.
3. The title for one of his songs is "Donk."
Bob: I just downloaded a song by Soulja Boy!
Rob: What, on purpose?
by Go Phillies! December 03, 2007
he created one of the most overplayed peices of shit in music history. Although after a few months the song will be completely forgotten.
soulja boys crank dat was played on the radio.

five minutes later it's played again on the same radio sation.

five months later we've never heard crank dat before.

year of 2022,

whos soulja boy?

by juce9 November 30, 2007
A dumb ass rapper who only sang some gay repetative songs so he could make some money for college because he is so retarted he only has 17 words in his vocabulary. I swear every 9th grader on my bus was singing it at the top of their lungs
Stupid Bitch: Crank dat Soulja Boy...
Me: What the hell are you doing
Stupid Bitch: I m singing Soulja Boy
Me: You Dumb Ass Whore
Stupid Bitch: Figures.... Crank dat...
by Flippydaslasher November 12, 2007
If Hip-Hop were an anus, Soulja Boy would be the hemorrhoid.
"I tried SuperSoaking Soulja Boy with a mixture of Preparation H and Tucks juice, but it didn't do anything!"
by Cleveland Steam Room December 13, 2007
Some crazy gorilla who dances like an ape and looks like a fucking half-wit while doing so. The song sucks, the video sucks harder, and every time I watch this I want to take a chainsaw to this fucking ape's jugular.

Give him credit for bending that bitch over and supermaning that hoe (the act of wrenching a chick doggystyle, and letting that hot sauce go on her back/ass, and causing the sheets to get stuck on her back, thus resembling a superhero's cape), but the dance just fucking ruined it.

The "souljaboy" also has a very bad speech impediment. This is seen in the line where he says "WAH me crack and WAH me roll." Well...many may ask...WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT MEAN TO WAH SOMETHING? The answer is unknown to a group of experts from Stanford and Niagara universities. However, these same scholars did attempt to superman that hoe, but proceeded to get the sheet stuck on the ceiling fan, so the credibility of this hypothesis may not be accurate.
Souljaboy may have supermanned that hoe, but I'll fucking batman all over his face.
by Collin Mehl October 18, 2007
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