Soulja Boy is a perfect example of the rapid decline in the educational standards of the American music industry. Soulja Boy is also an example of the rapid decline in modern hip hop/rap.

With his new and only hit single "Crank Dat" reaching the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100, Soulja Boy has also become the number one most hated rapper.

Advantages of being a Soulja Boy:

1. No education is required
2. No talent is needed to make millions
3. Intercourse with all the 14 year old girls that listen crap music!

Disadvantages of being a Soulja Boy:

1. Your dignity and pride.

Simple steps to becoming a Soulja Boy:

1. Download a bootlegged copy of Fruity Loops Studio.
2. Claim that you bought it with your life savings to generate sympathy.
3. Open up your bootlegged copy of Fruity Loops Studio.
4. Open the demo song, remove everything but the drums.
5. Rename the song "Soulja Boy - Crank Dat"
6. Take out your mp3 player and turn on the voice recorder.
7. Say the following words in the following order: (1)"Soulja Boy" (2)"Superman" (3)"Bape" (4)"Ohhhhhh"
8. Repeat for 4 minutes, arrange it with the background music and import it to youtube.

Just remember the 3 main criterias needed for becoming the next Soulja Boy:

1) Make sure your songs don't make sense (use a maximum of 4 words in your songs)

2) Repetition is the key to saving a lot of time and dedication otherwise needed to produce a REAL song

3) Get cheap sunglasses (preferabbly from the dollar store) and white out your name on it
Haterz Get Mad Cuz
"I Got Me Some Bathin Bapes"

no we're mad cuz we have to hear your shit music coming out of everybody's headphones

When I Do Dat Soulja Boy
I Lean To The Left And Crank Dat Dance
(Now You)
I'm Jocking On Yo Bitch Ass
And If We Get The Fightin
Then I'm Cocking On Your Bitch


Haterz Wanna Be Me
Soulja Boy, I'm The Man
They Be Lookin At My Neck
Sayin Its The Rubberband Man (Man)

...running out of ideas for words that rhyme?

Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja )
Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja )
Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja )
Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja )

example of the rapid decline in the educational standards of the american music industry
by Soldout Boy November 15, 2007
usually has his name in his song title who's songs makes you want to get up and do yo groove
MAN i just want to dance to soulja boy! crank that music up!!
by T-rexyo July 10, 2008
Teenage rapper from Alabama who got signed to Atlanta, GA producer Collie Park's label by expositioning his music on the internet. He created a buz by getting millions of plays from teenage fans on Much of his work is collaborative with his less famous but far more talented friend "A-rab."
Soulja Boy's smash hit "Crank DAT Soulja Boy" had such wide appeal that the Superindendant, Commandant, and a large portion of the student body of the UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY learned to Crank Dat.
Often compared to Hurricane Chris, of "AY BAY BAY" fame.
Midshipman 4/C W.T. Door.: "Hey Mr. Waters? were you at the beat Notre Dame pep rally last night, sir?"

2/C Waters: "No, Mr. Door. What happened?"

4/C Door: "Well the Supe & the Dant were standing before the Brigade above T-Court, and when someone played "Crank Dat," they started crankin' Dat Soulja Boy. YUUUUUUUUUUUU!!"

by Zack Aslanian-Williams January 11, 2008
A Fit, Good Hip Hop Artist Who Hit The Nation With His Incredible 'Crank Dat' Dance.

We All Love Him.

Just Put The Song On && Watch Everyone Dance To Soulja Boy
by Bekah93 April 10, 2008
A talented up-and-coming rap artist who first became famous in 2007 for his critically acclaimed single "Crank Dat".

Widely regarded as the only artist with the innate talent to save hip-hop from itself.
Buying a CD for any artist other than Soulja Boy is retarted.
by superman69 July 28, 2008
(verb) when a guy is in bed with a female who refuses to put out so he waits until she is asleep and ejaculates on her back!
--So what happened wit that floozie last night?
--Mayn, shawdey wasn't tryin to put out so I pulled a soulja boy on dat hoe and went to sleep!
by Dem Dudes October 25, 2007
A terrible lyricist and hardly even a rapper.
However, he does have a pretty cool dance.
That crappy southern rapper "soulja boy"
by Sleepy Back October 19, 2007
A pretty decent rapper whose lyrics are a bit repetitive, but are extremely catchy. His songs are some of the best dance songs ever made. Crank That was also the #1 digitally downloaded song of all time.
Another misconception that is not true is that Soulja Boy is dumb. When he came out with his first CD, Stacks on Deck, he made himself the producer, so he could earn double the money. That's pretty smart in my opinion.
Yuahhhh Crank that Soulja Boy
Watch me yuahhhhh crank that Soulja Boy
by jablez March 18, 2008

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