the direction in which music has been headed for the past twenty years or so, now becoming glaringly obvious to some.
It may be said that he makes rap look bad, although from a neutral perspective whether or not rap looks bad to begin with is debatable.
Soulja Boy in da hows
(fade to next song)
by rage_for_freedom March 19, 2009
a person who releases a song which is mainly a hit on youtube Then tries to release more songs but can not follow through
"woah this guy is awsome he may become the next Soulja Boy .
by Str8 2 Sn0w August 17, 2008
A pretty good hip-hop artist many people may think itz crap, but if its so crappy than why do so many teens love him or why did he start a "crank that" epidemic? Soulja Boy is a pretty good hip-hop artist and is not much different from talking about dancing and clothes than anyone else.
Tom:Who is Soulja Boy?
Kate: The best hip-hop artist that ever lived.
Tom: Cool
by Janctin December 16, 2008
Soulja Boy is talking about his penis
1). "Soulja boy up in dis hoe watch me crank and watch me roll watch me crank dat soulja boy and super man dat hoe"

2). "watch me super soak dat hoe"
by Chipp3000 April 20, 2008
probably the only rapper who can surpass Tupac Amaru Shakur. He's a lyrical genius of this generation.
Person 1: Crank Dat!! YoooO!!!

Tupac (Ghost Spirt): Ah Yes! The new me.. You have done well Soulja Boy..
by gavinoang September 15, 2009
A symbol for ignorant racists or just ignorant people in general to hate on,

The man is making millions, so he must be doing something right.
Person 1: Soulja boy is a gay faggot!!!!

Me: Stop hatin bro, He's making millions so he must

be doing something right.

Person 1: thank you for helping me not be an ignorant person.
by jjggj6 August 07, 2009
Currently America's most hated rapper. Hated by many but loved by plenty. If you dont have at least seven haters, then your doing something wrong. Soulja Boy has seven million.
When your young, rich, and different, your gonna be hated...but with that comes success. Soulja Boy is an example of that.
by justtruth September 09, 2008

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