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Soulja: means soldier of God (Jah or Ja). Jah is derived from the King James Version of Psa 68:4). "Ja" is a shortened form of "Jah."
The American word "Souljah" gets its meaning from the original Jamaican compound word "Soldjah." The Jamaican word is formed from soldier and Jah (God) and means soldier of God. That is, a righteous fighter empowered by God.
Soulja (Souljah): (1) The name of the black activist "Sister Souljah," preserves the original meaning of a fighter empowered by God (Jah/Ja)). As her online autobiography states, "Souljah is a fighter who came up from the bottom." Source: Accessed: 04/25/09, 04:03pm.
(2) The alternate spelling of the name Jamaica as "Ja-mek-ya" means God-Made-Here)- As in God Made Jamaica.
(3) Notice the Caribbean steel drums in the Soulja boy hit, "Crank Dat Soulja Boy."
by John Down in Detroit April 25, 2009

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