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My friends wanted seafood, but I'm black, so I had to settle for soul-fish from Captain D's...
by "Work maker" July 02, 2009
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A terrifying creature which can travel at moch 24 twice the speed of goatfish ... behavior is similar the goatfish yet soulfish will not follow you they wil only kill you on site ... the only way to protect yourself from an attack is to draw a circle in the sand with diamonds surrounded with beatles lyrics (lucy in the sky with diamonds works best) and to stan directly pinpoint in the middle.


As i said before they will not follow you as so will a goatfish would ... but an attack will concist of being bit (most likely) in the neck with its very large fangs ... and if that does not kill you the soulfish will release a deadly supertoxin into your blood stream (with no cure of course) and once you are dead it will eat your soul.


The best way to defend yourself is to make the circle previously mentioned ... but to lower chances of an attack (incase of lack of diamonds) simply wear hippie clothes i.e tiedie, peace signs, bellbottoms, long hair, etc but it does not always work but will lower the chances of attack because soulfish are terrified of hippie rock due to the fact that they are fans of soul music (R&B, blues) ... also the only way to kill it is to summon the spirit of john lennon who will then play the greatest hippie rock song known to man (and soulfish kind) ... to do this you will need to make a peace sign concisting of every beatles album in chronological order
I saw a soulfish but i summoned john lennon and killed it.
by Caulinrocker February 02, 2010
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Someone you more than love, one of your best friends. It's like a more descriptive version of spirit animal.
Get out of my head!!! l watched that 10 times yesterday
Of course you have, you're my soul-fish.
by LegallyBlonder December 28, 2015
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