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She or he not only sparks the light from within but holds your soul's energy.
Vera is more than my soul mate, she is my SOUL FLAME!
by Dusdo January 28, 2011
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A gaming name used by Chuck Beyersdoerfer since the early days of DOOM on a network gaming link. Originally started as "Unholy Fires of the Soul" and was reduced to SoulFlame due to naming conventions in most games.

SoulFlame has been seen in almost every online RPG, RTS or MMO from the incarnation of multiplayer games like Battle Realms, StarCraft and the like.

Now, very active in MMO communities and xBox Live. Chuck still games under the name SoulFlame, most recently seen as a Horde player on the Madoran World of Warcraft server.
"Man, I thought I could take SoulFlame when I saw him on the battlefield... Alas, I was WRONG!"
by Chuck Beyersdoerfer January 26, 2009
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