the soul is what posseses our bodies. the soul is what projects reality, alters it accordingly, and gives you it's own identity in which to expereince it. the soul is not physical for it is what gives you the physical reality in which to precieve. most of us, although bonded w/ our souls, are not fully connected in a way that only something drastic or powerful can touch it. it is not something that a car accident can kill while you physically remain a vegetable, such an inccident will simply make your body to weak to hold a strong connection, or rather to strong of a connection to physically remain bound to a 3D reality. to be unbound by physical senses and granted the freedom of emotion physically uncomprehendable.
from the eyes of her soul she saw the world for but a moment. it was as though she was looking from behind her eyes, for there was a slight blurr that hugged her vision before she precieved the world. the blank space between from which she was seeing and the blurr gave her a far, deep feeling, as though looking at a picture, not as though being there. the scene in which she was standing, in which she was familiar and comfortable with, became strange and surreal. she could not feel her body weight on her feet as she stood examining the room with this new preception. she didnt know whether to shake off this scene that appeared as a momentary daydream or continue to exist amungst it. then all of a sudden she could hear the fire burning in the stove and smell the scent of her mother's dreadfull cooking. the last of the blur in her vision cleared up as she sighed and decided to grab a pen and escape to her room.
by CRM for those who know December 17, 2005
Spirit, life force. Currently a commodity; can sell to Satan for power or wealth. As of today, very few adults have one, and many adolescents have lost it as well.
I'm going to sell my soul for my own personal harem!
by Naes April 02, 2003
The one thing. you know. it doesnt really exist but lets blame things on it anyway.
Man-"whats a soul?"

Priest-"Um, uhhhh... well its sorta like... um...."

Man-"its not really real is it?"

by Mr. CW Nelson March 18, 2008

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