Spirit, life force. Currently a commodity; can sell to Satan for power or wealth. As of today, very few adults have one, and many adolescents have lost it as well.
I'm going to sell my soul for my own personal harem!
by Naes April 02, 2003
The one thing. you know. it doesnt really exist but lets blame things on it anyway.
Man-"whats a soul?"

Priest-"Um, uhhhh... well its sorta like... um...."

Man-"its not really real is it?"

by Mr. CW Nelson March 18, 2008
The warm soft center of a cinnamon roll
Once you eat the outer crispy part of a cinnamon roll you expose the soul; the purest part of the most delicious pastry know to man.

"I about shat my pants when I ate the soul of that cinnabon roll
by tehbadgerwhodontgiveafuck September 27, 2015

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