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The case in which pent up ideas, emotions, revelations, and epiphanies are brought to fruition in the form of a quickly written document that is soon forgotten. While the experience may be unpleasant as it's happening, once over it leaves one with a sense of relief and often clarity.
I was feeling pretty down until i let go of all this soul vomit, and now I'm alright.
by Sparkybear April 17, 2011
a sticky, usually white or yellowish white, substance forcefully ejected from the male of a mammalian species during a state of arousal in combination with stimulation of the genital region. It transports the DNA information of the host, in an attempt to mix with the DNA information of a hostess, ultimately creating a new soul.
Many things can go wrong along the way however, often resulting in empty kleenex boxes, sticky faces, wet spots on the sheets, or even anal creampie.
"Dude... I fucked up man... I left the soulvomit in that receptacle"

"Is that soulvomit in your hair Mary?"

"New from (insert porn producer here): Girls Who Suck Cock and Eat Soulvomit... part XXIV"

by SoulVomit March 15, 2009
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