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A punch so fearsome and devastating that it harms not just the punchee's flesh but his very soul. Usually, if not always, fatal. Often seen in bad/so-bad-they-are-good Martial Arts movies.
"WHOA! Bruce Lee just soul punched that dude."

"Hand over the lube or I will soul punch you."
by Alamarian July 08, 2009
an offensive manuever seeking to harm one's livelihood, or general well being. often the aim of the soul punch is to damage the victim's soul points. while differing from a normal physical punch, a soul punch does not inflict physical damage but instead hurts the person's soul.
ned: sorry steve, but i accidentally broke your cd player
steve: you asshole! *soul punch*
ned: ow!! you've damaged my soul!
by sirsurefoot April 23, 2005
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