a noob
a clusterfck of earsplitting household noise from sisters screaming to cops assaulting and sons and mothers verbally summoning level 10 poopdrama spells onto each other
an obvious cheater

an obvious non-cheater
a destroyer of corts
a rage maker of slys
fucking cheating scumbag brothel piece of shit- a sorn
by waltdisneyfactorymade November 21, 2011
Top Definition
Usually a common Asian name for a girl. Very sexy and smart. Her beauty shines and is good in bed. Once you get a taste of her you would never want to leave. She's a keeper, very faithful and loyal.
Boy1: What's that Asian girl name? I heard she's a great girlfriend!
Boy2: I heard so too! Her name is Sorn!
by Jake Asher December 11, 2012
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